Top Ways that Legal Recruiters Manipulate Attorneys: Be Careful of these Legal Recruiter Tricks

  • Some attorneys have dim views of legal recruiters.
  • This might have to do with the fact these attorneys have been manipulated by their recruiters.
  • Learn the tricks of the trade that recruiters use and see how they can affect you.

I have been in this business long enough to have seen the many ways legal recruiters can manipulate you as they allegedly try to help you. These tricks and methods are well established and not much different from trickery used by car salesman, real estate agents, and others. You deserve to be informed about what is going on, as your future is at stake! While an unethical or substandard recruiter can harm your career, a solid legal recruiter can change your life and get you all sorts of opportunities you normally would not get. In fact, the best part of the legal recruiting profession is doing it well and genuinely helping people.

The goal of manipulative recruiters is for you to work with them (and only them) and for them to get paid commissions as quickly and easily as possible. Like Hollywood talent agents, sports agents and other agents, recruiters only get paid and get commissions if and when you accept an offer and the employer pays them. If the employer pays them, then they get commissions and they are happy. Everything that they do in their interactions with you will essentially be in service of getting commissions. They can do this in an ethical and above board way or they can manipulate you and cut corners. Some recruiters see themselves in the service of the legal profession and you; others are out only for themselves.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

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Legal Recruiters Find Attorneys and Gather and Use Information for Your Advantage and for Their Advantage

At the heart of everything, legal recruiters are agents who (1) find people and (2) gather and use information that they use for your advantage and for their advantage. How well the recruiter does each of these things will determine the recruiter’s level of success (and yours). The best (and most well regarded) legal recruiters are experts in finding the best people and in getting lots and lots of information. Recruiters need lots of information about firms, jobs, trends, and more to be successful in placing you in the right firm.