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Career Advice for Law Firm Attorneys

By Harrison Barnes

article of the week

By Harrison Barnes, Esq.

  • Culture could be what makes or breaks your career within a law firm.
  • Nonetheless, an incorrect or disagreeable culture can often occur with law firms.
  • Find out why cultural fits are so important to attorneys and the firms they work with.

We believe that an attorney's happiness and success in the practice of law have more to do with a particular law firm culture (which is sometimes also referred to as the personality of a firm) than with any other factor. This article discusses (a) the importance of firm culture, (b) why some attorneys do not give strong consideration to firm culture when joining a firm either during or after law school, (c) the reason a failure to seriously consider firm culture prematurely ends many legal careers, and (d) why making a lateral move provides the best opportunity to evaluate firm culture and the course of your career. READ MORE >

Article type: Harrison's Perspectives

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Choose Your Frames of Reference Wisely
July 23, 2018

Your life is shaped by the reference points through which you experience the world, which you establish based on your own past experiences. You must learn to take these experiences, and frame them in a way that makes you stronger. Your experiences create the filters through which you see the world, so you must avoid letting negative past experiences hurt you in the present. Instead, focus on references that empower y...Read more >


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