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Career Advice for Law Firm Attorneys

By Harrison Barnes

article of the week

By Harrison Barnes, Managing Director

  • Superstar associates do their work efficiently and accurately, and ask for more work.
  • They instill confidence from other associates as well as partners.
  • As a whole, the entire firm realizes the superstar associate can be trusted.
  • In addition, these superstar associates are usually nice to work around.

Summary: What are the characteristics of the best associates that eventually make partner in a law firm? Check out these top 10 characteristics of superstar associates. READ MORE >

Article type: Harrison's Perspectives

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Daily Career Advice


Being in the Zone
May 23, 2018

Nothing is more crucial to your career success than being in the zone, and genuinely passionate about your work. Most people, rather than existing in the zone, merely go through the motions of what they feel others expect of them in the hopes of achieving wealth and achievement. To reach your full potential, find work that comes naturally to you, at which you are good, and that makes you happy. When you have this pas...Read more >


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