Question: A recruiter I was dealing with sent my resume, without my authorization or knowledge, to Law Firm X. At or around the same time, I answered a blind advertisement placed by that firm and received an interview. After the interview occurred, I mentioned it to the recruiter, and was told about the resume they submitted.

The recruiter then contacted someone at the firm they had dealt with in the past, told the firm about me, and I was subsequently rejected for the job. Is the recruiter liable for interference with prospective economic advantage or breach of contract (for contacting the law firm without authorization)?

What Should I Do if My Legal Recruiter Sent My Resume to a Law Firm Without My Consent?

Answer: I would never presume to practice law, so I am afraid that I cannot tell you whether or not the recruiter is liable for interference or if he or she has breached a contract. But let's look at what lessons you can learn from this series of events.

If the recruiter submitted your resume without your express prior consent, they certainly have behaved in an unethical way. You should inform the firm right away that this recruiter has nothing to do with your candidacy and in no way does she represent you for this opportunity.

You should then call the recruiter and tell her that she must withdraw any interest in your candidacy at this firm. Remind her that you did not give her permission to represent you for this specific job. Tell her that you expect her to pick up the phone immediately and let the firm know that there will be no fee due to her should you accept an offer of employment with this law firm. If she argues with you at all, then you need to let her know that you will explain to the firm that she has involved herself with your candidacy without your knowledge or consent.