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We would like to extend an invitation to join our weekly webinars hosted by Harrison Barnes.
These webinars take place every Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern and provide in-depth lessons on subjects that are vital to a successful job search.

More importantly, these webinars are the perfect opportunity to ask questions regarding your specific concerns in your legal job search.
Harrison answers every question asked during the webinar, so don't be shy!

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We look forward to seeing you on Wednesdays!

The Kick-Ass Marketing Secret of the Most Successful Candidates and Attorneys

In this webinar, Harrison unveils the Kick-Ass Marketing Secret of the Most Successful Candidates and Attorneys. This webinar is a game-changer if you've ever struggled to ....

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How to Explain "Legal Job Hopping?"

In this webinar, Harrison sheds light on the critical aspect of "Legal Job Hopping" and its profound impact on how employers perceive professionals in the legal ....

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How to Answer the "Do You Have Any Questions for Me?" Interview Question

In this webinar, Harrison addressed a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of interviews - how to answer the "Do You Have Any Questions for Me?" inquiry. ....

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60 Nontraditional Jobs You Can Do with a Law Degree (and Should Strongly Consider Doing)

In this recent webinar, Harrison shares insights about non-traditional jobs that law graduates can consider pursuing.

Harrison cautions that people often need to pay more ....

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