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BCG Attorney Search has been in the legal placement business over twenty-five years and this is our core service.

The legal industry is one of the most dynamic and complex in the world, with ever-changing regulations and the constant demand for skilled professionals. Law firms are always looking for the best legal talent to join their ranks, and it can be challenging for lawyers to find their ideal job and make the right connections in this competitive industry.

That's where BCG Attorney Search comes in. We help lawyers find their ideal job and navigate the legal job market. One of the most prominent legal recruiting firms in the world is BCG Attorney Search. We pride ourselves on its commitment to clients and unparalleled knowledge of the legal job market.

We have a lot to tell you; learn more below. To get started with us we would love to review your resume. You can add your resume here:

21 Reasons You’ve Made the Smartest Choice Choosing BCG Attorney Search

Here are some of the top reasons why BCG Attorney Search is the best choice for your law firm career:


We Have the Most Jobs of Any Legal Recruitment Firm in the World. We have over 50 staff and a substantial dedicated data center that uses $18,500 in power and bandwidth alone to find jobs from law firms each month. We have tens of thousands of active jobs. BCG Attorney Search is constantly adding jobs to its database, making it the recruiter with the most jobs in the legal industry. The firm founded LawCrossing, the world's most extensive legal job board. This wealth of job opportunities means BCG Attorney Search can help lawyers find the right fit for their skills and experience.

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We Understand What You Do. The legal industry is vast and complex, with hundreds of practice areas and sub-specialties. Most legal recruitment firms only work with a few types of attorneys, but BCG Attorney Search has over 300 practice areas and places attorneys in all. This deep understanding of the legal market means BCG Attorney Search can provide expert guidance to its clients, ensuring they find the right job in their preferred practice area.

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We Are National and Understand Every Legal Market in the Country. BCG Attorney Search is a national firm that understands every legal market in the country at a high level. The legal market can vary significantly from region to region, with different practice areas in demand and unique cultural nuances to navigate. We're constantly learning and staying up-to-date on changes in the legal industry, giving our clients a competitive edge in their job search.


We Provide Constant Feedback. One of the most frustrating aspects of job hunting is the need for more feedback from potential employers. BCG Attorney Search takes a different approach, providing its clients constant feedback throughout job hunting. We inform our clients when they're submitted to firms, show them which law firms view their submissions, and let them know when they get an interview. We also offer an online profile where clients can track their job search progress.


You Can Always Search Our Database and Add Positions to Your Account. One of the benefits of working with BCG Attorney Search is that you have access to the firm's extensive job database. Clients can search the database themselves and add positions to their accounts. If a client is a good fit for a particular job, BCG Attorney Search will immediately review the submission and send it to the employer. This feature gives clients extra control over their job search and helps them stay engaged.


We Have Thousands of Exclusive Jobs. BCG Attorney Search has a strong market presence, so the firm receives thousands of job openings monthly. These jobs are only available through BCG Attorney Search, which means clients have access to job opportunities that they wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Access to more job opportunities gives BCG clients a competitive advantage in the job market, as they can apply for exclusive positions with less competition than other job openings.


We Make Law Firms Understand You. One of the biggest challenges of job hunting is standing out among a sea of applicants. BCG Attorney Search takes a unique approach to help its clients get noticed by employers. The firm writes in-depth cover letters that contain information gathered through extensive questionnaires, DISC profile tests, and other tools. This information gives employers a complete picture of the client's skills, personality, and experience, making them more likely to invite the client for an interview.


BCG Attorney Search is Committed to Getting to Know You on a Personal Level. BCG Attorney Search can help clients highlight their best qualities in job applications and interviews with this information. The firm offers questionnaires and DISC profile tests to help clients better understand their strengths and weaknesses. BCG Attorney Search also provides clients with free books written by the founder of BCG Attorney Search and access to hundreds of webinars and articles, ensuring clients have all the information they need to succeed in the job market.


We Educate Law Firms and Are Committed to Getting to Know Them. BCG Attorney Search is committed to educating its clients and law firms. The firm is seen as a source of knowledge for law firms, who trust the firm's recommendations. Being seen as a source of knowledge means that when BCG Attorney Search recommends a candidate to a law firm, the firm takes that recommendation seriously. The firm's extensive knowledge of the legal job market means it can provide valuable insights to law firms, making it a valuable partner in the hiring process.


We Only Work with Everyone and Work with 2% of the Attorneys who Approach Us. BCG Attorney Search is a selective firm and only works with candidates who meet its high standards. Clients who work with BCG Attorney Search can be assured that they receive personalized attention and guidance and that law firms will take their applications seriously. This selective approach also means BCG Attorney Search can provide more service to its clients, as it is not spread too thin by representing too many candidates.


We Seek Your Approval with Everything We Do. BCG Attorney Search is committed to putting its clients in the driver's seat of their job search. Clients must log in to their accounts to approve jobs and law firms; nothing happens without their approval. This feature ensures that clients are always aware of the job opportunities that BCG Attorney Search presents and that they have control over their job search.


We Notify You of Our Openings the Second We Have Them. BCG Attorney Search is constantly looking for new job opportunities for its clients. The position is automatically put into the client's account when it finds out about an opening. This feature means clients have immediate access to new job openings, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.


We Know the Best Law Firms to Send You Even if They Do Not Have Openings. BCG Attorney Search deeply understands the legal job market and knows the best places to send clients, even if those places do not currently have job openings. This means that clients have access to a broader range of job opportunities, including opportunities they may have yet to find on their own. BCG Attorney Search also has a high success rate in placing clients with firms that do not have current job openings, giving clients an edge in the job market.


BCG Works With Over 35,000 Law Firms. Many recruiters only focus on placing candidates in big law firms with current job openings. BCG Attorney Search takes a different approach and works with over 35,000 firms. We work with over 35,000 law firms, and our 200+ staff monitors all of them for openings. 95% of our competitors are limited to the 100 to 200 most prominent law firms. That means you have access to up to 250x more opportunities than most legal recruiters can offer you. The first jobs we tend to show you are firms using us exclusively for job orders.


Over 85% of Our Placements Are With Firms that Do Not Even Have Openings. BCG Attorney Search has a unique advantage in the legal recruiting industry: the firm has over 25 years of research on expired jobs in its database. History of jobs means the firm has every opening from the past 25 years of every law firm in its database, giving it valuable insight into what types of attorneys certain firms seek. This database allows BCG Attorney Search to match clients with job opportunities that best fit their skills and experience.

  • a)   Inactive Job Openings. We have been in business for over 25 years and have saved every job we have ever had on LawCrossing and BCG Attorney Search. Over 85% of our placements are with firms that do not have openings—but have had them in the past. We have millions of old jobs and use data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to match you to the best opportunities for our old jobs.
  • b)   Recommended Firms We Believe Are Likely to Be Interested in You. We maintain a list of law firms on BCG Attorney Search that are (1) in your practice area, location, and for attorneys used to represent the types of clients you do, (2) have interviewed and hired people in your practice area and location recently from us, (3) have viewed the resumes of past candidates similar to you from us several times. We also maintain information from:
    • i.   Surveys law firms fill out with us about their strengths and ongoing needs in your practice area and locations(s).
    • ii.   Surveys candidates fill out about their law firms’ strengths with us in your practice area and location(s).
    • iii.   Numerous national and regional publications maintain external lists where law firms are ranked for their strength in a given practice area.
    • iv.   Law firms that have recently hired and interviewed people from your practice area from us in the past. We tend to show you firms that have hired first and then those that have interviewed.
  • c)   Law Firms We Research in Our Internal Database. There are 35,000 law firms we work with regularly; out of these 35,000 law firms, there are lots of law firms that we are happy to try and market you to when you are interested.
  • d)   Law Firms We Research and Find Externally. We are constantly updating our database and finding new firms all the time. If you are one of our candidates and ask us to, we will search for new firms for you.


We Know How to Match You to Law Firms. BCG Attorney Search uses a 1-5 ranking system to match clients with different types of law firms. This system considers a client's skills, experience, and practice area, as well as the firm's culture and priorities. This matching system ensures that clients are only presented with job opportunities that best fit them.

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Our Efforts are Not Scattered in Trying to Make Different Types of Placements: We Only Do Permanent Law Firm Placements. BCG Attorney Search focuses solely on permanent law firm placements, meaning the firm's efforts are separate across different posts. While the firm does not do contract or in-house orders, it works with over 25,000 law firms and has opportunities for all sorts of candidates, regardless of the type of firm they are coming from or their practice area.

We Are a Technology Company, not a Legal Recruiting Company.


BCG Attorney Search is not just a legal recruiting company; it's a technology company. The firm has invested over $200,000,000 in its database over the past 25 years, giving it a unique advantage in the industry. Using technology means that BCG Attorney Search is open to the prejudices, time, abilities, and skills of a single recruiter. The firm's data center alone uses over $20,000 in power per month, and the firm can find more opportunities faster and get them out to clients more effectively than any single recruiter could.


You Should Be Working with a Company that Takes Your Learning Seriously. With thousands of articles, hundreds of information-packed webinar training, and more, we have much to teach and want you to be the best you can be.

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Our role is the noblest legal profession, and we mean it. We Believe the Work of Legal Placement is the Most Important in the Legal Profession. We believe in empowering attorneys and law firms with great information, candidates, and inspiration. We believe in helping people and that our work is important. Harrison believes it is essential to empower attorneys (1) intellectually (see, (2) psychologically (see, (3) socially (see our webinars, podcasts, and other content), and (4) physically (see We own some of the top sites in the legal profession that we use to help the legal profession.

  • is the most trafficked legal job site in the world;
  • is the most trafficked legal recruiting firm, and,
  • is the most trafficked law school forum in the world.


We Stick with You Because You are a Client, Not Customer. One of the most frustrating aspects of job hunting is the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with it. It can be demoralizing to apply for job after job and receive no response or to make it through several rounds of interviews only to be rejected. BCG Attorney Search understands this, so we always pursue you, clients. Our commitment to you is unwavering, and we're always there to offer support and guidance throughout the job-hunting process. Once a candidate is under our care, we keep trying until we find the right job for them. You can always reach us, and we will work with you until you find a position that matches your goals.

The word customer comes from the Medieval Latin custumarius, which meant “customs official.” This was adapted into the Anglo-French custumer, which eventually came to also mean “buyer” and “a person with whom one has dealings.” The transaction defines a customer. It is a relationship only insomuch as a transaction takes place. from the Medieval Latin, custumarius, which meant “customs official.” This was adapted into the Anglo-French custumer, which eventually came to also mean “buyer” and “a person with whom one has dealings.” Contrast this with client. The word client comes from the Latin clientem, meaning “follower.” This is thought to be a variant of clinare, "to incline, bend." This means a client is someone who leans on you for advice. A client is defined by their trusted relationship with you. A client may have one or many transactions with you, but the relationship lasts.

In conclusion, BCG Attorney Search is a legal recruiter that offers a unique and valuable approach to helping lawyers find their ideal job. With its focus on matching clients with the right job opportunities, its extensive research into expired jobs, its use of a matching system, its specialized focus on permanent law firm placements, and its commitment to technology, BCG Attorney Search is a valuable resource for anyone looking for their ideal job in the legal industry.