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Harrison Barnes does a weekly free webinar with live Q&A for attorneys and law students each Wednesday at 10:00 am PST. You can attend anonymously and ask questions about your career, this article, or any other legal career-related topics. You can sign up for the weekly webinar here: Register on Zoom

Harrison also does a weekly free webinar with live Q&A for law firms, companies, and others who hire attorneys each Wednesday at 10:00 am PST. You can sign up for the weekly webinar here: Register on Zoom

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Harrison Barnes is the legal profession's mentor and may be the only person in your legal career who will tell you why you are not reaching your full potential and what you really need to do to grow as an attorney--regardless of how much it hurts. If you prefer truth to stagnation, growth to comfort, and actionable ideas instead of fluffy concepts, you and Harrison will get along just fine. If, however, you want to stay where you are, talk about your past successes, and feel comfortable, Harrison is not for you.

Truly great mentors are like parents, doctors, therapists, spiritual figures, and others because in order to help you they need to expose you to pain and expose your weaknesses. But suppose you act on the advice and pain created by a mentor. In that case, you will become better: a better attorney, better employees, a better boss, know where you are going, and appreciate where you have been--you will hopefully also become a happier and better person. As you learn from Harrison, he hopes he will become your mentor.

To read more career and life advice articles visit Harrison's personal blog.

About Harrison

Harrison Barnes is a prominent figure in the legal placement industry, known for his expertise in attorney placements and his extensive knowledge of the legal profession. With over 25 years of experience, he has established himself as a leading voice in the field and has helped thousands of lawyers and law students find their ideal career paths.


Barnes is a former federal law clerk and associate at Quinn Emanuel and a graduate of the University of Chicago College and the University of Virginia Law School. He was a Rhodes Scholar Finalist at the University of Chicago and a member of the University of Virginia Law Review. Early in his legal career, he enrolled in Stanford Business School but dropped out because he missed legal recruiting too much.

Barnes' approach to the legal industry is rooted in his commitment to helping lawyers achieve their full potential. He believes that the key to success in the legal profession is to be proactive, persistent, and disciplined in one's approach to work and life. He encourages lawyers to take ownership of their careers and to focus on developing their skills and expertise in a way that aligns with their passions and interests.

One way Barnes provides support to lawyers is through his writing. On his blog, HarrisonBarnes.com, and BCGSearch.com, he regularly shares his insights and advice on a range of topics related to the legal profession. Through his writing, he aims to empower lawyers to control their careers and make informed decisions about their professional development.

One of Barnes's fundamental philosophies in his writing is the importance of networking. He believes that networking is a critical component of career success and that it is essential for lawyers to establish relationships with others in their field. He encourages lawyers to attend events, join organizations, and connect with others in the legal community to build their professional networks.

Another central theme in Barnes' writing is the importance of personal and professional development. He believes that lawyers should continuously strive to improve themselves and develop their skills to succeed in their careers. He encourages lawyers to pursue ongoing education and training actively, read widely, and seek new opportunities for growth and development.


In addition to his work in the legal industry, Barnes is also a fitness and lifestyle enthusiast. He sees fitness and wellness as integral to his personal and professional development and encourages others to adopt a similar mindset. He starts his day at 4:00 am and dedicates several daily hours to running, weightlifting, and pursuing spiritual disciplines.


Finally, Barnes is a strong advocate for community service and giving back. He volunteers for the University of Chicago, where he is the former area chair of Los Angeles for the University of Chicago Admissions Office. He also serves as the President of the Young Presidents Organization's Century City Los Angeles Chapter, where he works to support and connect young business leaders.


In conclusion, Harrison Barnes is a visionary legal industry leader committed to helping lawyers achieve their full potential. Through his work at BCG Attorney Search, writing, and community involvement, he empowers lawyers to take control of their careers, develop their skills continuously, and lead fulfilling and successful lives. His philosophy of being proactive, persistent, and disciplined, combined with his focus on personal and professional development, makes him a valuable resource for anyone looking to succeed in the legal profession.


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  • The Psychology of Success (Up The Ladder in A Down Economy)
    The Psychology of Success, the third book in the Up the Ladder in a Down Economy series, is by Harrison Barnes, the founder and CEO of the Employment Research Institute. Functioning as a career guide and providing valuable information on achieving and maintaining career success in an ailing economy, this book is geared toward the legal field, but provides relevant and invaluable advice for all career paths.

    Exploring the common behavior that people unknowingly exercise to sabotage their own success, this e-book addresses methods for recognizing and overcoming these poisonous behaviors and patterns. Focusing on the dangers of allowing negativity to dictate career choices, this guide teaches the benefits of positive thought. In order for one’s career to progress, it is crucial to have inner faith and confidence. Many people are casualties of self-doubt and fall into a pattern of caring what other people think, rather than trusting themselves. This e-book provides guidance on maintaining a positive outlook and seeks to help people develop a personal satisfaction that extends into their professional lives.
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    Truth or Consequences, the fourth book in the Up the Ladder in a Down Economy series by Harrison Barnes, the founder and CEO of Employment Research Institute, is a career advancement guide that discusses a broad range of issues in today’s anemic economy. This guide offers valuable advice for individuals in all career stages, from job candidates to seasoned professionals.

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    I have certainly considered more than once leaving law to pursue other interests, but I really enjoy the practice of law. Your advice about finding a suitable environment is in line with what I have been trying, looking at public service options as well as law firms that seem to be more tailored to my style.

    Just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful analysis and insights into staying or leaving law. It has helped validate and give direction in a time of important considerations for that next step.

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    I find the legal market extremely vexing and you put that into words extremely well.

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    Kiran Chaitram, Esq.
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    I accepted an offer from a great San Diego defense firm that is expanding, and opening an office in Los Angeles.

    Just wanted to say thank you so much. Your web articles helped me tremendously in understanding the process, and in understanding myself better. What an insightful resource.

    Rich Gagliano
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    Keep up the good work and I hope we can connect further sometime!

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    I hope all is well. I want to congratulate you on another terrific article about the importance of having your own business.

    So well written and so true!

    I am now meeting with at least one potential new client (ship owners, aircraft leasing companies and investment banks) at least once a week. I am also introducing them to one another in the hope that they will do a deal and use me as their lawyer.

    Thanks again for all your support!

    Christopher J. Papajohn, Esq.
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    I've been reading your blog every day and I have dozen of tabs open at the same time - all your articles. You are talking to me in each and every article. Once again, thank you so much.

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    All the best.
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    Thank you very much for your assistance. I have learned 10 years' worth of information in a matter of days reading your publications.

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    I want to thank you for your articles. These articles do not help only attorneys in law firms. The reader can easily substitute "lawyer" for employee, "law firm" for place of employment and greatly benefit from the intended teaching. That is what I do and it is beneficial.

    I most especially liked this most recent article that addressed "One Simple Rule." I wish I had read this article earlier in my life. I recently lost responsibilities at my former workplace due to associating with a Negative Nellie out of what I perceived to be kindness. It hurt my chances of advancement greatly and made it easier for the employer to lessen my hours to the point I needed to leave. Your writing clearly demonstrated (from the employer's perspective) why this must happen. However, that same article encourages a positive focus and I take that with me too.

    Thank you again for your articles and teachings.
  • I hadn't heard about any of this stuff with Albert (Robert Kinney), but for whatever it's worth it wouldn't have mattered to me. I have worked for a large law firm since 2003 and been on BCG's mailing list for years.

    I have quietly read and shared many of your articles within my firm, including "Why Going In-House Is Often the Worst Decision a Good Attorney Can Make", which is permanently saved in my email. To me your character always comes through your writing. You are honest, encouraging and uplifting. I look forward to reading your insights and they make me feel better about decisions I've made and my career in general. You have sometimes challenged me to work harder or to rekindle my love of the law.

    Sometimes you have encouraged me or even said exactly what I needed to hear at the time that I needed to hear it.
    You are being attacked because you are making a positive difference in this world. Take encouragement from those of us you are helping and keep doing what you do.

    Leanna Anderson
  • My name is Vladislav Arkhipov, and I am an of counsel of IT / IP practice of Dentons in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    I have just found and read with a great pleasure a number of your articles, including "Top 9 Ways for Any Attorney to Generate a Ton of Business" and "Why Attorneys with 5+ Years of Law Firm Experience Are in Serious Trouble...".

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    Jay Drouillard.
  • Thank you for your profound research and insights. Always finding time to read your articles.

    Karl Weitz
  • I wanted to congratulate you on your outstanding knowledge of legal recruiting and ease in writing about it. Your articles are one of the best I have ever read, combining experience and knowledge from many disciplines. Reading your articles is like sitting in a mind of a recruiting attorney. Thank you a lot for publishing them on your company's website for free for people like me. They really motivate and make me feel I will succeed. Thank you a lot and I wish you all the best.

    Kind regards,
  • Mr. Barnes, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading the articles you post on LinkedIn. They're not only well written but are also interesting. So, thank you for writing!

    Gurneet Singh
  • Great post! (You Will Succeed in Your Job and Job Search When You Are Concerned with Giving and Not Taking)

    Carol Fine
  • Thank you. Very insightful.

    (Ensure Your Lateral Move Is a Success)

    Jacqueline Hodes
  • Thank you Harrison, your articles were very helpful and inspiring to make a decision to join a new firm!

    Karol Lewandowski
  • Dear Mr. Barnes,

    In all sincerity, realizing you must be engulfed by innumerous submissions from the like of me who seek your unparalleled expertise, writing to you took quite a bit of courage; and certainly, a "decisive moment." Yet, I reached out to you, particularly, because I recognize that my case calls for guidance and advice, not just from any good -or even great- recruiter, but exclusively from someone of your mastery, art, and facility.

    Before taking the liberty of taking your time to divulge any details, please find a summary of my history here: http://www.cohengresser.com/attorneys/mina-s-reiman. My resume is also attached for you review.

    My personal email address and phone number are listed on my resume. I would be grateful for an opportunity to speak with you. Please let me know if you would like more information.

    Thank you in advance for you time and consideration.

    Mina Reiman
  • The BCG Attorney Search site and especially the articles written by Harrison Barnes are consistently thought-provoking and informative. Mr. Barnes addresses various topics of interest, not merely superficially, but always in depth, offering a lot of insight. I habitually return to browse his articles, finding, as expected, another well-written article to read in my downtime. - Tina Hopper
  • Thank you Harrison, your articles were very helpful and inspiring to make a decision to join a new firm! - Karol Lewandowski
  • Why Most Attorneys Are Unhappy. Awesome article - David Plante
  • It made it easy in that I really didn't have to look at postings on my own and I also didn't have to do the cover letter, which was super helpful. The firm that I got placed at, the HR rep, he used to work for BCG so there's already some sort of familiarity and something that was helpful going in and starting the process. - Melissa Shimizu
  • The responsiveness, whether it was by email or by phone call. And then keeping on track of the schedule of the interviews I had. I would always get text messages beforehand. The responsiveness was very good. - Keerthika Subramanian
  • My favorite thing overall was that it streamlined the process for me…no way I would be able to devote the time required to gather materials and put together cover letters and mass mail… It allowed me to work at my prior job and allowed the process to move forward even though I couldn't devote all my day to it.- David Rodriguez
  • The #1 Attorney Career Killer That Attorneys Are Never Taught, I found that this article extremely helpful. I really wish that I had this information 20 years ago when I was asking these questions. You give a great voice to what it means to practice law. Not harsh, at least not unfairly harsh, but you nail it. - Marc Sommers
  • I liked how many resumes BCG sent out for me. I felt my resume was always going out and there was consideration put into what kinds of firms and locations I wanted to concentrate on. There was constant communication and updating on whether you were or weren't hearing back on my resume and the possibility of interviews getting scheduled… so that was really nice- the level of communication. - Jessie Kempf
  • Production Assistants - and Assessing Your Employer's Needs, I thought this was a really good article. It has some good points about looking at a job from both the person who is seeking the job as well as the employer. - Denise Hedrick
  • Dear Mr. Barnes: Your website and articles have been like a favorite movie over the years. I don't watch them every day, but when I do, they always seem to reveal something new and worthwhile. So thank you. - Joseph Simpson
  • Harrison, The Power of Gratitude in Your Job Search was a great article! - Nancy M. Valent, NMV STRATEGIES
  • I enjoyed your recent article on not undervaluing yourself. I can attest from experience - U Chicago degree, federal clerkship, former Baker Botts lawyer--that when I moved to Florida, worked in recruiting (family business), and then accepted a job at a less prestigious firm, it took many years to claw myself back to a respectable level. I'm back in the saddle, but it was a lot of hard work. I would have been better off in retrospect taking bar immediately and getting back into law game right away. - Chris Roach
  • Harrison,

    I have been very impressed with your recruiting firm, and with Christina's work. As she may have told you, I was previously working with a recruiter from another firm, and was not happy with the progress there. In the few short days I've been working with your firm and with Christina, she has already done much more than the other recruiter had done in several weeks' time.

    And, yes, having a phone interview set up so quickly is magnificent news!

    Thank you so much for the attachments you have sent. I plan to study them this weekend in great detail. I will take any advantage I can, as I know it is a competitive market, and my lack of direct experience with law firms is my biggest weakness. Your books and attachments will give me the insight into a law firm environment that I need to be my best for the interview.

    I am very pleased and excited to be working with your firm. I feel listened to and taken care of. I am excited to be interviewing and look forward to my future in Seattle.

    Again, thank you for the message, the attachments, and all of the help you both have been giving me.

    - Jonathan L. Tolstedt
  • Harrison,

    ''I really appreciate your daily columns. After being stressed out about being unemployed since February, I just accepted a wonderful offer that I am really excited about by following your advice. Thank you so much, and I want you to know that your efforts have a concrete effect on people's lives.''

    - S. A.
  • Dear Harrison,

    Thank you for your email below, which is extremely helpful.

    I didn't expect that you can be so kind as to show me the right path for the start of my career. This attests to the high ethinical standard and professionalism of you and your firm. I will try to spread the good words about your firm among my peers in my future career and hopefully we can cooperate somewhere down the road.

    Thank you again.


  • Good information for these in uncertain times you might need when the unthinkable happens and you are now unemployed. Respect the process, it matters. In law school the professors called "the process" "…learning to think like a lawyer…"

  • Your essays show a rare level of maturity, insight and professionalism that is missing too often from the business of law. Thanks for sharing them.

    -Shelley Ewalt
  • Exceedingly good life information for everyone.

    -Thomas J. Kesoilts
  • You've got great stories. Thank you for sharing them, they're really helpful, not just for my law search, but for life and dealing with people.


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