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How to Understand Your Personality and What Practice Area, Type Firm, or Practice Setting ....

Learn how to find your ideal law firm, practice area, and more with the DISC Profile assessment.....

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Why Most Law Firms Expect Their Attorneys to Conform and Act Like Other Attorneys in the ....

Every attorney that works in a large law firm is expected to conform to their rules. Find out why law firms expect a high level of conformity in this article.....

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The Top Three Qualities Warren Buffett Looks for When Hiring Attorneys, Managers, and ....

SUMMARYWhen hiring people, Warren Buffett recommends three main qualities to look for in a person - Intelligence, energy, and integrity. Integrity being the highest of the three.These are qualities we would all want in an attorney if were to hire one for ourselves.Do attorneys have these three essen....

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Showing Up: The Difference Between Those Who Get Hired and Advance in Law Firms and Those ....

Learn 10 things that separate successful law firm attorneys from all the rest in this article.....

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Why Most Law Firm Attorneys Are Angry and Dislike Their Jobs and Lives

Find out what causes so many attorneys to be angry in this article.

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