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Top 30 Factors Large Law Firms Consider When Hiring Lateral Attorneys

Learn how big law firms evaluate potential hires and what you can do to increase your chances of getting hired by them.....

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The Right and Wrong Reasons for Attorneys to Switch Law Firms: Should You Look for, or ....

Attorneys switch law firms for a variety of reasons. Find out if it is the right time to leave your firm or whether you should stay in this article.....

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The Top 17 Reasons Law Firms Do Not Hire and Make Offers to Attorneys and Law Students: ....

Why is it so hard to get a job in a law firm? If you have been applying for positions and have not even gotten an interview—or if you have gotten interviews but no offers—then this article is for you. It explains why law firms reject so many applicants, often even before those applicants have g....

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How to Easily Determine the Best Attorneys and Law Firms: The Five Prestige Levels of ....

This article reveals the secrets of the Harvard-inspired ranking system used by high-end legal recruiters to appropriately match attorney candidates with law firms. BCG recruiters assign rankings of “5” (highest) to “1” (lowest) to every law firm seeking to hire attorneys and to every candi....

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Top 10 Reasons Why November and December Are the Best Times of the Year for Attorneys to ....

Many attorneys think waiting until the new year to start their job search is best. Learn why you shouldn’t wait until the new year to start looking.....

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