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Top 14 Ways Attorneys Can Avoid Burnout from the Stress of Practicing Law

Attorneys face massive amounts of stress on a daily basis due to the nature of their work. Here are 14 ways attorneys can avoid burnout from practicing law.....

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Solving Lawyer Career Dissatisfaction: How to Create a Culture That Makes Attorneys Happy

Career dissatisfaction among lawyers is a popular topic right now, and is causing many attorneys to leave the legal profession. ....

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How Attorneys and Law Students Should Answer the Most Important Questions in Law Firm ....

When preparing for a law firm interview, one of your primary goals is to anticipate and prepare for virtually every significant question that the firm is going to ask you. Of course, not all interview questions can be accurately predicted. But many can, at least in terms of the general subject matte....

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Why an Attorney Should Never Switch Law Firm Jobs Too Often: Law Firms Will Not Trust You ....

Most attorneys from large firms move at least once or twice during their first three to five years of practice. However, if you are looking at your third or fourth firm in your second year of practice, something is wrong. Several times a day, we see resumes of attorneys attempting to do this, and fo....

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Top 6 Things Attorneys and Law Students Need to Remove from Their Resumes ASAP

In this article, you learn about the importance of crafting the right resume for the specific legal job you are seeking. In resume writing, knowing what to leave out is just as important as knowing what to put in.....

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