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We know that attorneys are some of the most talented people in the world. They have to be able to think on their feet, solve problems and communicate effectively with clients. But sometimes they don't do themselves any favors when it comes to getting hired. That's why we're here - we want to help you get your resume noticed so you can find a great job!

Are you ready to learn techniques for perfect a resume that is both compelling and concise?

These videos are designed to help attorneys prepare the best legal resumes that will get them hired in law firms. Legal recruiter Harrison Barnes provides a comprehensive overview of the steps necessary to create an effective attorney resume, including how to tailor your resume for different types of legal positions. The videos also offer tips on what interviewers are looking for in candidates and how you can make a good impression during the interview process.

We hope that this video gallery will be helpful as you work towards finding new legal employment opportunities!

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Cover Letter Workshop

Harrison recently hosted a webinar on Cover Letter Workshop, in which he discussed the importance of a good cover letter and how it can transform a ....

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Crafting a Winning Attorney Resume Tips and Techniques

In this webinar, Harrison conducted a Workshop on Resume Review.
The workshop covered critical elements such as formatting, layout, and content, emphasizing a clean and clear ....

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How To Make Yourself Marketable in A Law Firm By Shortening Your Attorney Resume

In this video, Harrison Barnes is looking at an attorney's resume with experience as a real estate lawyer. He advises that in order to be ....

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How To Build A Better Attorney Resume

Harrison Barnes mentions in this video that r©sum©s tell a story. This attorney's resume, which he is evaluating, appears to have no focus or ....

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How Does a Professionally Done Attorney Resume Look Like?

In this video, Harrison Barnes explains that this is one of those professionally done resumes. Notice that the formatting and composition are well-written. The ....

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