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Success for Lawyers with Mental Illness: Is it Possible?

In this Q&A clip, Harrison discusses the topic of success for lawyers with mental illness. While he acknowledges that he is not an expert in mental ....

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Lawyer's Health: Protecting Against Risks on Lack of Sunlight

In this Q&A clip, Harrison highlights the importance of maintaining good health for lawyers.
One way to do this is through red light therapy, which can ....

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Lifestyle Firms: Identifying the Best Companies for Attorneys

In this Q&A clip, Harrison delves into the topic of lifestyle firms and the benefits they offer to attorneys.
Harrison highlights that lifestyle firms are often ....

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Lifestyle Law Firms: Are They Better for Attorneys' Quality of Life?

In this Q&A clip, Harrison discusses the benefits of lifestyle law firms for attorneys' quality of life. He suggests that these firms, typically in smaller markets, ....

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Maintaining Connections as an Attorney: Balancing Vulnerability and Professionalism

In this Q&A clip, Harrison discusses the importance of balancing vulnerability and professionalism in maintaining connections as an attorney. He emphasizes the need to keep personal ....

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