How to Select the Best Legal Recruiter and Maximize the Effectiveness of Working with One

If you have ever spent any serious time in Hollywood, you have undoubtedly come across numerous people with agents. When you speak to some people with agents, they often talk about things they told their agents:


"I told my agent I do not like this kind of part because of X."


"My agent says that if I wait about six months, a part with X may open up."

"My agent knows my personal obligations and is not going to allow me to work with X director because he is too demanding."


Similarly, the more time you spend with someone with an agent, the more you realize that he or she is communicating with that agent all the time. Frankly, if any of these people with agents are your friends, it can get pretty annoying. Their cell phones are ringing during lunch with calls from the agents. They need to call their agents during a night out–and so on. If you go to any social function with your friends who have agents, the agents are very likely to be there talking to their clients.

The reason we tell you all of this is that in the entertainment industry, the people with agents have figured out that the more they communicate with their agents, the more likely they will find their perfect match to advance their careers. But it is not all work. The client and agent also establish a working and friendly relationship where the agents constantly know about what is going on with their clients, both personally and professionally.