Finding the Right Recruiter for You

Stellar Interpersonal Skills

In your first conversation with a potential recruiter, you should be assessing his/her communication style, tone, and professionalism. It is a good idea to work with someone who has a similar style to you, as they will be representing you to potential employers. It is also very important that you feel comfortable with this person and that an immediate rapport is established. Try to avoid working with someone who comes off as indifferent, in regards to your candidacy. You want to work with someone who is not only passionate about legal recruiting, but also passionate about your job search!
Effective Marketing Expertise

Great recruiters are fully committed to developing the marketability of their candidates. As recruiters, we are keenly aware of what law firms are looking for in their candidates, and attorneys can really benefit from this type of market knowledge. Therefore, your recruiter should be willing to critique and revise your resume with you. At BCG Attorney Search, we also craft highly personalized and effective cover letters for our candidates. One of the largest benefits of using a legal recruiter is that they can brag on your behalf! If a recruiter is not willing to invest the time and effort to help you create superior marketing documents, you may want to speak to other professionals.
An Open-Door Policy