How Attorneys Can Choose the Best Legal Recruiter for their Lateral Move

Choosing the Best Legal Recruiter

Working with a legal recruiter is the smartest decision a good attorney can make. Legal recruiters typically operate in the ''upper echelons'' of the legal profession and for people who are suited for their services legal recruiters are the absolute best career resources.


A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Legal recruiters can identify the best opportunities for you; will counsel you on your move; will provide you inside information about the various employers you are investigating; will draw out your strengths and present them to employers in a convincing way; will provide a ''valuable prescreening'' function for the employers and just by their virtue of representing you, provide you with a good entree to the employer. In fact, many of the largest and most selective law firms rarely look at candidates unless they come from a preferred legal recruiter. For example, numerous candidates I have represented at BCG Attorney Search may have not even received a response when they approached a firm on their own before coming to our firm. A good legal recruiter can make that much of a difference.