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How to Advance Your Career By Relocating to Another Area of the Country as an Attorney: ....

Attorneys who decide to relocate to another city to practice can be very attractive to a law firm, particularly if they relocate alone.This can signify that this attorney will be loyal to the firm because he or she has no one else.To relocate, you really have to know yourself and understand why you....

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The Top 5 Long-Term Benefits of Attorneys Remaining Employed With a Single Law Firm

What are some of the long-term benefits of remaining employed with a single law firm throughout your career? You might be surprised to learn what some of them are.....

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Why a Law Degree is Actually a Business License: Why Attorneys Should Treat their Legal ....

One of the main issues people don’t understand about law is that law is a business.Furthermore, some lawyers tend to not understand that their legal careers are also businesses.Find out why you should treat your law career as a business in order to succeed.At the outset, it is important to realize....

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How Law Firms Choose to Interview and Hire Attorneys and Law Students: The Only Three ....

A law firm is only concerned with these three questions when they evaluate applicants. Learn more about these three questions below:....

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Legal Recruiting Coordinators and Their Role ....

Learn why law firms use legal recruiting coordinators and the important part they play in the hiring process for big law firms.....

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Why Law Firms Do Not Like to Hire Attorneys From Most Practice Settings Other Than Law Firms

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to Why Law Firms Do Not Like to Hire Attorneys From Most Practice Settings Other ....

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Every Attorney’s Biggest Weakness is Their Need to Feel Important and Loved

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to Every Attorney’s Biggest Weakness is Their Need to Feel Important and Loved ....

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Why You Should Never Give Up Your Law Firm Job Search: Lessons in Law Firm Job Search from an Abandoned Bangkok Street Puppy, Two Attorney Crystal Meth Addicts and an Attorney Computer Repairman

Listen to This Podcast on:Giving up your search is the most serious mistake you can make.Many people are not reaching th....

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Ten Reasons You Will Never Be in Control Over Your Legal Career if You Work in a Law Firm

Listen to This Podcast on:Many attorneys believe that if they do well in law school, get a good job and work hard, they ....

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Will a Law Firm in California Hire Attorneys Without the California Bar?

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Why Attorneys Need to be Exploited to Succeed

Listen to This Podcast on:In most organizations, there is a conflict between advancing those who give their all and hold....

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Why Almost No Law Firms Care About Legal Recruiter Fees

Many attorneys are under the mistaken belief that law firms care if a legal recruiter is involved in their placement. Wh....

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