A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

At BCG Attorney Search we do not bribe candidates to take jobs and we cannot possibly understand why anyone would possibly offer a kick back to a candidate for taking a job. We do not do this. Working with a recruiting firm that offers kickbacks is one of the most harmful possible things you could do for your career. Notwithstanding, we can understand both points of view in terms of why people would want to get kickbacks from recruiters and why recruiters would offer them.

You should understand that there are business and other implications of recruiting firms that do this and also, candidates that take these kickbacks. Finally, you should be aware of some of the ultimate penalties and benefits to your career that could come about from your taking kickbacks from recruiters.

We can understand why a candidate would want to use a recruiting firm that gives them $10,000.00 or whatever it is when they place them. That's a lot of money anywhere. It would be a lot of money to me. When you get that $10,000.00 it's almost like a justification for moving. It's a bonus of sorts from the firm that is hiring you. It makes you feel important. It does all sorts of positive things. So I understand why people would want to work with a recruiting firm that does that.

Likewise, I understand why recruiting firms would want to offer it. It is a great way to drum up business; especially if you advertise it. You can advertise that you pay money to people when they are placed. That's something that certainly will draw in lots and lots and lots of candidates. People are attracted to money - even if the prospect of taking this money means they are taking a huge risk with the course of their lives. For example, people become actresses in pornography movies and prostitutes - most often for money. They do not realize that this one simple decision to do either of these things could have devastating implications for them for the rest of their lives.