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Drawing from over 20 years as a legal recruiter and founder of BCG Attorney Search, Harrison Barnes explores the culture and character of law firms, how to move in and out of them, and how to rise, thrive, and sustain a career. These podcasts offer advice for both Partners and those still on the path.

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15 Reasons Law Firm Attorneys Should Not Look for New Jobs

In this podcast, Harrison dives deep into a pivotal subject that frequently needs to be addressed: the reasons behind attorneys contemplating a shift in law firms. ....

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The Five Reasons Law Firms Do Not Hire You After an Interview

In this podcast, Harrison delves into a crucial topic that can significantly alter the course of your legal career: "The Five Reasons Law Firms Do Not ....

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The Top 15 Reasons Attorneys Should Leave Their Law Firm Jobs and Look for a New Job

In this enlightening and informative podcast, Harrison skillfully shines a spotlight on the compelling motivations leading attorneys to consider departing from their current roles within law ....

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Ask Yourself These Questions If You Are Not Getting Job Offers, or Not Getting the Job ....

In this podcast episode, Harrison delved deep into one of the most critical facets of job hunting, which impacts professionals from various backgrounds, from law students ....

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How to Advance Your Career By Relocating to Another Area of the Country as an Attorney

In this podcast, Harrison presents a groundbreaking perspective that has the potential to redefine your legal career. It's not just another ordinary podcast; it's a live ....

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