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The Art of Networking: How Attorneys Can Leverage Referrals for Business Growth

SUMMARY:As an attorney, you understand the importance of building a strong client base to ensure the success and growth ....

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Spencer Fane Bolsters IP Group With Addition of Henson in Plano

Henson’s practice focuses on all legal matters related to patents, utilizing substantial experience in patent damages....

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Do Attorneys Need to Develop Business?

I knew long before I became a legal recruiter how important it is to become your own salesperson and generate your own b....

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What Should I Do About My Résumé or Strategies to Maximize My Chance for Law Firm Offers?

This article advises someone with an MBA interested in employment law and working in a law firm. It outlines strategies ....

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Any Suggested Methods to Overcome Anxiety When Trying to Network?

Yes, certainly. I have a lot of anxiety, too, around networking. I mean, even despite what may look like a lot of confid....

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Why Law Firms Do Not Like to Hire Attorneys From Most Practice Settings Other Than Law Firms

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to Why Law Firms Do Not Like to Hire Attorneys From Most Practice Settings Other T....

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When It Comes to Networking, Is a Referral From a Fellow Attorney More or Less Effective Than a Referral From Someone Else – A Client, for Example?

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