Question: I just passed the NY bar exam, have some limited legal experience and securities qualifications, but haven't had the luxury of a summer associate job with a major law firm. Would I be better off knocking on their doors one by one, or should I submit my resume to recruiters that work exclusively online? I know you have written that unless we have two years of experience with major firms, recruiters are not interested in looking at our resumes. Does that include online recruiters?

Are Attorneys Better Off Contacting Law Firms Directly or Using Legal Recruiters in Their Search for a New Law Firm Job?

Answer: This is a tough question for me because I really don't know that much about the online recruiters. However, I doubt that whether the recruiter is "virtual" or "live" makes much of a difference - both are trying to find lawyers who satisfy the requirements of client law firms, and that's why associates who haven't worked for at least two years generally don't make the cut.