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Annie was friendly, personable, and always responded promptly. I loved that Annie wrote my cover letters and dealt with the application process. I would rank BCG the very top! Great experience. Would not hesitate to use Annie and/or BCG in the future.

Emily Vanderlaan

Michigan State University College of Law, Class Of 2019

Placed at Robinson & Henry P.C.

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My favorite thing about working with BCG Attorney Search and Sarah was that she was always able to answer questions I had about each role and was a great negotiator on my behalf. She just continued to reach out and share listings with me that I thought would be appropriate, until I was hired. I haven't worked with a recruiter in the past, but this was a great experience.

Dara Smith

American University Washington College of Law, Class Of 2017

Placed at Harris Beach PLLC

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She never gave up on me. There was definitely a lot of effort put in for me. I liked how every so often I would get new firms chose particular for me and they really tried to address my interests and what I was looking for. It is very time consuming to look for a new job to begin with so it was nice to be able to have someone to do most of the leg work for you. Carleen was with me every step of the way and she answered any questions that I had. She also helped prepare me for interviews that I had. It was a good experience and I appreciate all the work that Carleen did.

I don't know all of the firms that are out there and that have openings and are looking for someone to fill a position. There are other types of ways to look through - LinkedIn and what not - but obviously it is easier when a recruiting agency has access to these firms and to these job opening and they can do the matching process based on what I am looking for and what the firms is looking for.

Carleen was with me every step of the way and she answered any questions that I had. She also helped prepare me for interviews that I had. It was a good experience and I appreciate all the work that Carleen did.

Rose Nankervis
St. John's University School of Law, Class of 2016
Placed at Nixon Peabody

Rose Nankervis

St. John's University School of Law, Class Of 2016

Placed at Nixon Peabody LLP

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Romina is great. She is responsive and has inside info on a bunch of openings. She applied me to a bunch of places and has a great tracker tool you can use for updates as well. She helped me get an offer at a place that seems great.

Alexandria Ordway

Harvard Law School, Class Of 2015

Placed at Novian & Novian, LLP.

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Working with BCG gave me access to opportunities that weren't necessarily posted in the market place. The job I ended up accepting, the firm wasn't advertising an open role but Nadeen sent my resume to them anyway and they were interested and interviewed me. If I hadn't been working with BCG I would not have had the opportunity that I ended up taking.Something I found helpful was the website where I could login to my account and look at the firms that had open positions and I could pick which ones I was interested in and keep track through the website of where I had applied and where I was in the process. Having that organization was really helpful. Also, before interviews I had phone calls with Nadeen where she went through some tips on topics to cover, topics to avoid, how to answer questions. I found that information very useful and used that information she gave me to create an outline that I then used to prepare for every interview. Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting firms that you may have used?A. The highest! I had the most success through you guys but also it seemed to be the most comprehensive. I reached out to several other recruiting firms early in the process and BCG immediately responded and some other firms responded slowly or not at all. BCG immediately set me up with an account and it came together very quickly and very naturally.

Alison Holdway

New York University School of Law, Class Of 2014

Placed at Greenberg Traurig, L.L.P

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The good thing about working with BCG in general is all of the resources and articles. The job search showed that the firm itself was very familiar with the type of industry I was in. I was at a very large law firm and you could tell by the way they put out articles and the things they talked about (how to prep for interviews, how to do a job search) really did show familiarity with the industry - that was highly appealing and made me feel better about the process. Everyone was extremely responsive which is always good. A combination of these 2 things - responsiveness, client service and it was very apparent the firms were familiar with the legal market.[Nadeen] scoped out opportunities that I didn't know existed and handled a lot of the administrative work. This was my first time doing anything like this in the legal industry and I didn't know if I asked "X or Y" how it would look and Nadeen was able to say, "what we normally see is this" or "that is not common practice" and that was tremendously helpful. It is always nice to have that resource. BCG Search always had articles put out, I think by the founder. The articles are very good and accurate. It showed a lot of knowledge of the legal industry which is very appealing so it isn't just another person sending you what you thought was spam email- at Proskauer we would get recruiting emails every day. All of the articles are so accurate that I was comfortable enough to say "Okay, here's a place that maybe, unlike the others, really knows the industry." It made me that much comfortable and gave me faith in working with BCG. Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's?A. I had spoken with other firms before but this was by far the best one.

Sergio Marin

University of Connecticut School of Law, Class Of 2018

Placed at Murtha Cullina LLP.

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[My favorite things about working with BCG and Sarah] was the weekly updates on how things were going. Sarah was also very responsive and very in touch over text. It was very useful to get updates over text because text worked better for me at times. She adapted to making text work since that is what worked well for me so I appreciated that as well. It made it easier to have the information easily and readily available and to have her available via text whenever she had a question or wanted to follow up on something. She was very easy to access.[Working with BCG made my job search] so much easier! Sarah was able to do the background work and talk to the firms hiring people to "make the sale" if you will. It took the pressure off of me of having to make a cover letter and having to do the searching around to find those positions - some positions may not even have been posted. I like the online portal and tracking system. She would send me a list of places she wanted to apply to and you just approve or not approve those applications. That was super helpful and the tracking capabilities were also super helpful. I had a very positive experience. I felt comfortable talking to Sarah. A couple times I would tell her "I don't know if I can do this today" and she would come through with a pep talk about this is why it is important to do this and giving me options. I cannot emphasize enough how much I liked the weekly updates and her accessibility via text.Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's?A. BCG is more comprehensive. At the beginning, before I even started searching, Sarah and I had a good conversation about if I still wanted to practice anymore and what was I looking for and what was interesting to me. In my mind she searched around for things that would be suitable for me instead of saying "I have this" and trying to fit me into something that was already on her plate.In terms of the structure of things, as I mentioned, such as the tracking - not just of where things had been sent but the status of the application was super helpful and the weekly updates. BCG is the best of the ones that I have worked with or that I have heard about those friends have worked with.

Renee-Lauren Ellis

Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law, Class Of 2010

Placed at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

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The BCG app is pretty convenient. I didn't use it a ton because I wasn't involved in the process for too long. You can go on and approve the jobs and the listings and the way it is set up is really nice. Karen was really great! Especially early on, she didn't contact me too much but reached out when there were good opportunities. The job I ended up taking wasn't one that was posted. It was an opportunistic job so I thought it was great that she went ahead and contacted places she had connections with anyway. She worked at a quick speed and I was under a time crunch with another opportunity and she really moved things along for me very quickly.It was helpful to have Karen there to ask questions about the firm. She had a lot of insider information that I probably wouldn't have gotten a lot of with my own research. In a traditional setting I would have tried to connect with someone at the firm or someone who used to work there but because of the time pressure everything happened within a week and she was able to give me a lot of details about individuals and the firm that was beneficial to me when I was interviewing. Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's?A. Karen is the only recruiter that I have worked with that passed my information along without there being a job posting which I liked because, obviously, it ended up working out for me. It is a more aggressive, not in a negative sense, approach and especially given the circumstances in the economy and with the pandemic you need somebody like that right now. You need someone that will advocate strongly for you!Overall it was a very positive experience and I have recommended it to other people since. On the whole, I was very pleasantly surprised with the process and very happy with it. Nothing negative to report at all!

Alanna Guy

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Class Of 2018

Placed at Frantz Ward LLP

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Becca was super responsive, very optimistic, supportive, and encouraging. She was very good about giving clear, constructive and specific advice. I found her to be very candid and honest which is very important because you want to be able to trust your recruiter and feel like they are looking out for your interests. 80% of the process was pretty hands off for me. I knew the applications were going out and I felt like I was job searching without doing all of the heavy lifting until it came time for the interview. Even there, communicating with the firm and their HR department - a lot of that Becca handled so I could just focus on preparing for the interview and the substantive aspect of it and giving my best in the interview.I had a great experience and I really enjoyed working with Becca and if I need a job again, she will be the first person I call!Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's you may have used?A. The best so far! BCG Attorney Search

Maja Lukic

Cornell Law School, Class Of 2010

Placed at Gerard Fox Law, PC

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BCG was very user friendly; the website was very easy and accepting. All ofthe different Q&A's on the website were very helpful. Working with Amandawas fabulous - I couldn't have asked for anyone better! She was always thereto answer my questions. She was great about reaching out to firms that Ifound or she found. She was very proactive throughout everything. I alwayshad a lot of questions and she was always very willing to answer them so Iappreciated that. She never made me feel like I was bothering her even whenI was pestering her with repeat questions.I didn't have to do too much at all. It was nice that she streamlinedeverything for me. I was swamped at work and I really don't know how I wouldhave done it without someone helping me. It took it from something I didn'tknow how I would have done to something that was very easy. I reallyappreciate everything BCG did for me. It was a great process and I ended upat a firm that I absolutely love. It was all great!Samantha GerencirEmory University School of Law, Class of 2018Placed at Zuckerman Spaeder LLP

Samantha Gerencir

Emory University School of Law, Class Of 2018

Placed at Zuckerman Spaeder LLP

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