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What were some of your favorite things about working with BCG and Carolina?

Extremely responsive. She was proactive in the sense of keeping up with me even if there wasn't anything new necessarily happening. She would reach out just to check in and let me know what she was doing. If I was having any issues she would talk me through it and send me BCG literature that was applicable to what I was going through.

Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's?

At the top - I reached out to the recruiting firm I got my first job through and they dropped the ball and basically told me there was nothing out there with the pandemic going on. Carolina was consistently sending me new openings and advocating on my behalf.

Dan Wotherspoon

Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, Class Of 2013

Placed at Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti, LLP

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The website - being able to approve firms and everything is sent off without having to worry about anything further beyond approving the firms. Generally it was a pretty easy process. The way the website aggregates the firms and gives you the option to approve either the specific position or exclude the firm entirely is helpful. The process is pretty seamless and it takes it out of your hands.

Ericka Elliott

University at Buffalo Law School, Class Of 2013

Placed at Underberg & Kessler LLP.

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Job searching is always stressful no matter what, and adding a global pandemic on top of that is extremely stressful. Having someone to guide and coach me through that process took a huge weight off my shoulders. Sarah was always available, extremely kind, and very personable and easy to talk to. I felt like she really cared about where I ended up and I always enjoyed my conversations with her. She was always very happy and excited, which made me feel happy and excited about the process rather than stressed out.
Rather than having to look up new job openings and reach out to firms myself, you all did the upfront hard work for me. That allowed me to focus on perfecting my resume, cover letter, and preparing for interviews.
I really enjoyed my experience working with Sarah, and I am very happy with the job I ended up at because of her. It turned out to be a perfect fit and was a very easy process.
Q. Where would we rank/compare to other recruiting companies you may have used?
A. I have not used any other companies before, but I would recommend BCG to anyone and I would be happy to work with Sarah again in the future if I ever decide to get a new job.

Rachel Smith

University of Arkansas School of Law, Class Of 2018

Placed at Scharnhorst Ast Kennard Griffin, PC

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Basically, I didn't have to do anything until I got the job offer. I never had to check in, she would check in with me and she always worked around my schedule if I was really busy. It made it possible for me to look for and get a new job while working full time and being busy with my other job. Romina did a really good job at editing my materials that I sent in and giving me ideas on them, which usually others just edited grammar and such on them.

Q.Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's?

A.You check in more often, which is really nice. Romina also checked in with the firm's more often, she kept checking in with the hiring partners to give me updates and I hadn't seen that before. Usually recruiters told me that they had to wait 14 days and she didn't.

Abbey Jahnke

Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Class Of 2012

Placed at Jackson Lewis P.C.

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Annie was friendly, personable, and always responded promptly. I loved that Annie wrote my cover letters and dealt with the application process. I would rank BCG the very top! Great experience. Would not hesitate to use Annie and/or BCG in the future.

Emily Vanderlaan

Michigan State University College of Law, Class Of 2019

Placed at Robinson & Henry P.C.

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My favorite thing about working with BCG Attorney Search and Sarah was that she was always able to answer questions I had about each role and was a great negotiator on my behalf. She just continued to reach out and share listings with me that I thought would be appropriate, until I was hired. I haven't worked with a recruiter in the past, but this was a great experience.

Dara Smith

American University Washington College of Law, Class Of 2017

Placed at Harris Beach PLLC

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She never gave up on me. There was definitely a lot of effort put in for me. I liked how every so often I would get new firms chose particular for me and they really tried to address my interests and what I was looking for. It is very time consuming to look for a new job to begin with so it was nice to be able to have someone to do most of the leg work for you. Carleen was with me every step of the way and she answered any questions that I had. She also helped prepare me for interviews that I had. It was a good experience and I appreciate all the work that Carleen did.

I don't know all of the firms that are out there and that have openings and are looking for someone to fill a position. There are other types of ways to look through - LinkedIn and what not - but obviously it is easier when a recruiting agency has access to these firms and to these job opening and they can do the matching process based on what I am looking for and what the firms is looking for.

Carleen was with me every step of the way and she answered any questions that I had. She also helped prepare me for interviews that I had. It was a good experience and I appreciate all the work that Carleen did.

Rose Nankervis
St. John's University School of Law, Class of 2016
Placed at Nixon Peabody

Rose Nankervis

St. John's University School of Law, Class Of 2016

Placed at Nixon Peabody LLP

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Romina is great. She is responsive and has inside info on a bunch of openings. She applied me to a bunch of places and has a great tracker tool you can use for updates as well. She helped me get an offer at a place that seems great.

Alexandria Ordway

Harvard Law School, Class Of 2015

Placed at Novian & Novian, LLP.

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Working with BCG gave me access to opportunities that weren't necessarily posted in the market place. The job I ended up accepting, the firm wasn't advertising an open role but my legal placement professional sent my resume to them anyway and they were interested and interviewed me. If I hadn't been working with BCG I would not have had the opportunity that I ended up taking.Something I found helpful was the website where I could login to my account and look at the firms that had open positions and I could pick which ones I was interested in and keep track through the website of where I had applied and where I was in the process. Having that organization was really helpful. Also, before interviews I had phone calls with my legal placement professional where she went through some tips on topics to cover, topics to avoid, how to answer questions. I found that information very useful and used that information she gave me to create an outline that I then used to prepare for every interview. Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting firms that you may have used?A. The highest! I had the most success through you guys but also it seemed to be the most comprehensive. I reached out to several other recruiting firms early in the process and BCG immediately responded and some other firms responded slowly or not at all. BCG immediately set me up with an account and it came together very quickly and very naturally.

Alison Holdway

New York University School of Law, Class Of 2014

Placed at Greenberg Traurig, L.L.P

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The good thing about working with BCG in general is all of the resources and articles. The job search showed that the firm itself was very familiar with the type of industry I was in. I was at a very large law firm and you could tell by the way they put out articles and the things they talked about (how to prep for interviews, how to do a job search) really did show familiarity with the industry - that was highly appealing and made me feel better about the process. Everyone was extremely responsive which is always good. A combination of these 2 things - responsiveness, client service and it was very apparent the firms were familiar with the legal market.[my legal placement professional] scoped out opportunities that I didn't know existed and handled a lot of the administrative work. This was my first time doing anything like this in the legal industry and I didn't know if I asked "X or Y" how it would look and my legal placement professional was able to say, "what we normally see is this" or "that is not common practice" and that was tremendously helpful. It is always nice to have that resource. BCG Search always had articles put out, I think by the founder. The articles are very good and accurate. It showed a lot of knowledge of the legal industry which is very appealing so it isn't just another person sending you what you thought was spam email- at Proskauer we would get recruiting emails every day. All of the articles are so accurate that I was comfortable enough to say "Okay, here's a place that maybe, unlike the others, really knows the industry." It made me that much comfortable and gave me faith in working with BCG. Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's?A. I had spoken with other firms before but this was by far the best one.

Sergio Marin

University of Connecticut School of Law, Class Of 2018

Placed at Murtha Cullina LLP.

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