Why Most Lawyers Should Not Work in Large Law Firms: The Only Three Reasons Any Attorney Should Work in a Large Law Firm

Regardless of the stage of your legal career, there are only three reasons you should work in a law firm:
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

(1) To learn a marketable skill that is in demand in the business world and that you can later use to get clients;
(2) To utilize the law firm as an entrepreneurial platform to solve problems encountered by businesses; and
(3) To learn how to run a business and sell your services to businesses willing to pay law firm prices for those services.

Working in a large law firm for any other reason is insanity. However—incredibly—most attorneys are working inside of law firms for other reasons.
The Wrong Reasons to Work in a Large Law Firm

Many attorneys work in major law firms for money. Far too many attorneys are under the strange impression that working in a law firm is a good path to wealth. They apparently do not realize that anyone motivated enough to work the sorts of hours demanded of a law firm associate, counsel, or income partner would make far more money doing something else like being a real estate agent or starting a restaurant. At least in those cases, the person would be building something, cultivating a skill, and have returning clients—and not sitting anonymously behind a desk all day, facing the pressure of making mistakes, and worrying constantly about losing his or her job.