Off-the-Record Interview Tips from Law Firm Interviewers

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"The most impressive interviewers are those who can clearly articulate why they’re interested in our firm, with specific reasons based on research."

“Have a good answer ready when asked why you’re seeking to leave your current job.”

“Before your interview, look at your résumé and think of questions you’d ask if you were interviewing yourself. Then, have good answers ready for these interview questions.”

“The best attorneys are good researchers. You should research each attorney you’re meeting. I’ll never forget a litigator who took the time to read a recent opinion on which I was listed as the attorney of record. I want them on my team!”

“Don’t discount the importance of legal writing samples. Those that review your legal writing take it seriously. Make sure you’re providing your best possible work and triple-check for typos and Bluebooking.”

“Make sure your writing sample for a legal position does not contain confidential or privileged information. Also, don’t unnecessarily redact information that’s not confidential or privileged as this shows you don’t know the rules. If in doubt check the local rules.”

“If you’ve friends at our firm, call them to find out the inside scoop. They can give you helpful information.”

“Read the recent press releases on our website.”