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How to Know If You Are Marketable by a Legal Recruiter

Find out if you have what it takes to be a marketable attorney in this article.

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Top 23 Law Firm Interview Tips for Attorneys and Law Students: How to Excel in Law Firm ....

Are you ready to start interviewing with law firms?If so, double check yourself against this article providing 23 law firm interview tips.For the World’s Largest Collection of Law Firm Interview Resources for Attorneys and Law Students: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Law Firm Interviewin....

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How Attorneys Can Switch Legal Practice Areas: The Definitive Guide to Switching Legal ....

It is difficult to switch practice areas, but it can be done. Your ability to switch practice areas will depend upon the following things.....

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Can You Take a Break from Practicing Law to Recharge and Regroup and then Come Back?

Why do some attorneys decide to quit their law firm instead of taking some time off to recharge themselves?This is because, according to some attorneys, law firms frown on their attorneys taking large chunks of time off for anything other than a life-changing event.This is also true for attorneys wh....

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The 'Dark Side' of Going In-house

Opinions vary as to whether an attorney should or should not go in-house.Some attorneys believe going in-house was the best decision of their career, while others strongly disagree.This is why going in-house is the most important move one can make in their legal career.IntroductionThe purpose of thi....

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