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Benefits of Working with BCG Attorney Search

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Thousands of placements under our belt—averaging more than one placement a day. Yes No Maybe

We have thousands of placements under our belt—averaging more than one attorney placement each business day.

We are extraordinarily serious and focused at BCG Attorney Search and very, very good at what we are doing. Many placement firms are lucky to make one placement per month—and we are averaging over one per day. There are many benefits to working with an exceptional placement firm and recruiters who continually make placements. Success happens for a reason, and when you are working with a successful recruiting firm it makes a huge difference. People are successful for a reason, and when you partner with BCG Attorney Search your career becomes part of our success as well.

Over a decade of experience. Yes Maybe No

We have over a decade of experience.

BCG Attorney Search has been around for more than 10 years and many of our original recruiters are still working with us. Our experience means that our firm has credibility with law firms and knows exactly what it is doing when it is working with you. Experience means a great deal in the legal industry and your career is too important to entrust to someone without a proven track record.

In our decade-plus experience we have built up numerous relationships with law firms and candidates all over the world. We know the people inside law firms and they know us. We have drinks with them, we go out to dinner with them, and we sponsor firm events from time to time. Hiring partners and their colleagues inside law firms have come to trust us and our recommendations. Regardless of what a given law firm tells you, the relationship they have with a recruiter is important to them.

Our experience is something that filters down to even our newest recruiters. We train all of our recruiters very aggressively and make sure that they benefit from our collective experience. Since our inception, every single year we have gotten together as a group at BCG College for a week to exchange ideas and train each other in exciting 12-hour-a-day sessions. We also film and share these presentations with all of our new recruiters. This training is in-depth and comprehensive.

When you work with BCG Attorney Search you are working with a group of people who collectively have over a century of experience in this field, and you are participating in a tradition of recruiting excellence that elevates us all.

Publisher of books about legal employment-related issues distributed annually to every law firm in the US and Asia. Yes No No

We publish books about legal employment-related issues that are distributed annually to every law firm in the US and Asia.

Each year for the past 10 years since our inception, BCG Attorney Search has published a book entitled The BCG Attorney Search Guide to Class Rankings and Law Review Admission at America's Top 50 Law Schools. We have done this as an exercise for the past 10 years because we want our recruiters to never lose touch with the value of research. Research is exceptionally important and an exceptional recruiter needs to also be an exceptional researcher.

In addition, BCG Attorney Search is constantly looking for means and methods to distinguish its candidates from those of other recruiting firms. One way that we are able to do this is by showing just how well certain candidates have done in schools whose grading standards are not readily transparent. We do everything possible to show law firms how good our candidates are and our research has been picked up and used by major law schools all over the United States.

Our research also provides value to our law firm clients. We are their advisors and provide them useful information to help them make distinctions in their recruiting departments. Our company does everything within its power to really provide value above and beyond recruiting. Law firms understand that BCG Attorney Search is not a sales organization but a research-based organization that analyzes the market around it.

In addition to this book, BCG Attorney Search has also taken the lead in assisting in the publication of numerous other books, such as The Perfect Legal Resume, The Art and Science of Legal Recruiting, The BCG Attorney Search Guide to Practice Areas, The BCG Attorney Search Guide to Cover Letters, and others. Our books and publications are distributed to law firms and law schools all over the United States. Many of our articles have become part of the curriculum at various law schools throughout the United States. We are serious about providing value in the legal community and to the people in it.

Our articles and publications exist because we are always learning and always growing in our jobs and what we do. This is what you should expect from a placement firm and it is precisely what we deliver.

Massive supporter of the legal community, with annual give-aways of cars and other prizes to legal recruiting coordinators and others. Yes No No

We give annual rewards in the form of cars and other prizes to legal recruiting coordinators and others.

BCG Attorney Search is a fun company for law firms to deal with. Not only do we consistently provide them with good candidates, but each year for the past several years we have given away prizes and rewards such as cars and other items in raffles at the National Association of Law Placement convention. We are a fun company to deal with and support the people who support us.

Most legal recruiting firms are not part of the legal community in the way BCG Attorney Search is. We love our jobs and we love the people we are dealing with. We do everything within our power to support the legal community.

Imitated but never equaled. Yes No No

We are imitated, but never equaled.

If you look around the legal recruiting landscape you will see numerous legal recruiting companies who strive to imitate BCG Attorney Search. We are flattered that so many legal recruiting companies want to be like BCG Attorney Search.

In reflecting on the intense interest other recruiting firms seem to have in our operations, we are proud of the recruiting firms whose imitation of us has enabled more people to get excellent jobs. However, BCG Attorney Search is about more than just the things we say or the example we set. BCG Attorney Search is about our spirit, our drive to get attorneys jobs, and our recruiters who passionately believe in their work.

We are so passionate about our work that we are always there for our candidates. Our recruiters often cry out of happiness when candidates are placed. We hug our candidates. They become our friends and they often invite us into their lives. People who deal with us know that we really want to help out our candidates. Our heart, character, and devotion to our work amount to a lot more than just words. You cannot imitate a spirit. Either you have it or you do not.

Code of ethics that exceeds the industry standard. Yes No No

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Our ethical standards are the highest in the industry. We follow the BCG Attorney Search Code of Ethics, which is a demanding ethical standard that far exceeds the standards other trade groups in our industry have. Having such a demanding code of ethics sets us apart to a massive degree.

A high ethical standard is a demonstrable way of showing the level of respect we have for our candidates and for the law firms that hire them. Excellence deserves nothing less.

Working with this placement firm is an honor and a door opener. Yes Maybe Maybe

Working with our placement firm is an honor and a door opener.

We are one of the best referral sources for our largest competitors in the legal recruiting arena. In fact, we are so confident that we not only refer candidates to our competitors but allow them to post jobs for free on our job boards, such as LawCrossing. When you are dealing with BCG Attorney Search you have put your career in the hands of the highest-level legal recruiting firm in the industry. There is no one who is more selective in choosing candidates to work with. We will happily refer you to our competitors if we do not want to work with you.

We represent less than 1% of the candidates who approach us for representation.

Our firm typically needs to be persuaded to take on a candidate and not the other way around. We rarely call attorneys trying to place them. Former governors, retiring federal judges, and heads of major law firms call us when they are interested in making a move. We do not have to chase candidates. Over the years, word has gotten around about how good BCG Attorney Search really is.

When you work with a firm like BCG Attorney Search your application materials end up getting moved to the top of the pile. Law firms all over the United States know that the barrier to becoming one of our candidates is incredibly high. They know that when we get involved there is "something there" and that our candidate has a great deal of substance. Consequently, our candidates typically get far more interviews and end up in better jobs than they would without our involvement.

Part of the largest legal career company in the world with hundreds of employees researching jobs. Yes No No

We are part of the largest legal career company in the world with hundreds of employees researching jobs.

BCG Attorney Search is a member of the EmploymentScape group of companies. We are the founder of companies such as LawCrossing, Legal Authority, Attorney Resume, JD Journal, Law Firm Staff, Judged, Hound, and JD2B. Collectively, we are the largest legal career company in the world. In fact, most other legal recruiting firms actually rely upon our companies, such as LawCrossing, to find their own openings.

When you buy a really fine product or use a really good service, there are an incredible number of small things that are happening behind the scenes that make or break your success. Have you ever noticed in a really good car how so many things are done and done well? It looks like a normal car on the outside, but when you start driving you notice how well the switches are made, how smooth the engine runs, how well the gauges are laid out, the feel of the interior, and more. This is the essence of a really fine product and it is also the sort of experience both candidates and law firms have with BCG Attorney Search. When you are dealing with BCG Attorney Search you are dealing with the most professionally-run legal recruiting firm in the world.

BCG Attorney Search is the "source" and the legal recruiting company that other companies strive to be and are constantly imitating. We are at the forefront of the high-end legal recruiting industry in the placement of associates, partners, and practice groups with the very best firms. Collectively, we are an organization with revenues well into eight figures. Our economic strength and size means that we have the means to drive your career forward. We have scores of computer programmers, hundreds of people researching jobs, and are a stable company ready to drive your career forward to a degree our competitors simply cannot match, much less comprehend.

Learn what happens when you work with a BCG Attorney Search legal placement professional.

When you are dealing with something as serious as your legal career, wouldn't you prefer to go to the source and choose the most significant legal career company in the world? Most of our competitors are only flirting with this industry and playing on the seams. Our strength gives you the edge your career deserves.

Employs a nationwide team to assist with a move anywhere. Yes Maybe No

We employ a nationwide team to assist you in moving anywhere.

At BCG Attorney Search we have a nationwide team of recruiters stationed all over the United States to assist you in moving your career anywhere. We put recruiters in different regions of the United States because we know that they need to be on the ground in the cities and areas where most of the legal recruiting action is happening. This is extremely important because each legal market has various aspects that need to be understood and many different environments. These environments can only be understood by being in the location where things are happening.

Our recruiters are stationed in key areas of the United States. They work in offices and are available to assist you and meet you. They understand your legal market and have credibility in the markets they are working in.

Proprietary in-house databases worked on by scores of engineers daily. Yes No Maybe

Our proprietary in-house databases are worked on by scores of engineers daily.

Our proprietary databases are by far the most advanced in the United States, and most likely in the world. We employ hundreds of researchers who work around the clock, seven days a week! They monitor all jobs on the Internet (including law firms' websites) and add each new one to the databases as it appears. All the latest jobs are only a mouse-click away.

In addition to making job openings readily available to our clients, our databases serve our clients in a number of other ways as well. They guide recruiters, based on candidate profiles, in matching firms with a specific candidate's credentials and experiences. Furthermore, information provided by candidates is entered into the databases and permits our recruiters to compose personal and detailed cover letters on behalf of candidates. Recruiters also utilize the databases to pass along interview guides, salary surveys, pertinent articles, and other relevant information to candidates as they enter the interviewing stage of their candidacy.

We offer more online recruiting services than any other recruiting firm because we understand the changing role that technology is playing in the legal field. We want to make sure our candidates and our services are on the cutting edge. And to guarantee that our services are always reliable, we have chosen to hire full-time computer programmers and to build databases that are continually developing and growing, helping our recruiters to be among the most successful in the industry.

A firm driven by passion for what we do. Yes No No

We are a firm driven by a passion for what we do.

If you were seeking to hire a lawyer, which lawyer would you want to hire:

  • a lawyer who writes blogs about legal issues daily
  • a lawyer who speaks at law schools about legal issues constantly
  • a lawyer who helps write books about his or her chosen specialty annually
  • a lawyer who is featured on national news programs and in national periodicals frequently
  • a lawyer who was only allowed to become a lawyer after rigorous personality screening and testing
  • a lawyer who wants nothing more than to be a lawyer for the rest of his or her life
  • a lawyer who is coached on a one-on-one call each week with a supervisor to go over his or her cases
  • a lawyer who is required to participate in two knowledge sessions with other lawyers weekly
  • a lawyer whose work is proofed daily before it goes out the door
  • a lawyer who is always accessible and required to carry a Blackberry at all times
  • a lawyer with tremendous experience doing just one thing
  • a lawyer working for the largest legal organization in the world with incredible resources
  • and who is part of an organization that other lawyers rely upon for information about practicing law

The converse of this is a lawyer who is not all that interested in what he or she is doing:

  • a lawyer who is constantly on the sidelines and who believes that what he or she is doing is "just a job"
  • a lawyer who never does any public speaking—who cares about that?
  • a lawyer not at all interested in writing books about his or her legal specialty
  • a lawyer never featured in any legal publications
  • a lawyer who was easily hired by his or her current firm
  • a lawyer who was considering another career besides practicing law
  • a lawyer who is hardly supervised at all
  • a lawyer who does not participate in knowledge-sharing sessions and who thinks he or she knows everything
  • a lawyer who proofs all of his or her own work
  • a lawyer who is not accessible and is difficult to find
  • a lawyer with experience doing lots of different things
  • a lawyer working on his or her own or with a small firm

This is the same sort of difference between working with BCG Attorney Search and other placement firms. When you work with BCG Attorney Search you are working with an organization driven by extreme passion for what we do. We are as different from other placement firms as night and day. Each of the examples of the "lawyer you would want to hire" applies to the recruiters at BCG Attorney Search.

We are passionate about what we do and it is our life's mission. We love it! We are continually improving and our goal is to help you get the best possible job. We are absolutely, hands down, totally enthusiastic about what we do. Review our CEO's blog at, review our blogs at, review our articles, review our media appearances, review our placement record, review the companies we have started, review everything—the whole picture. We are absolutely passionate about what we do.

Well-researched and written application materials prepared on your behalf. Yes Maybe Maybe

Well-written and researched application materials are prepared on your behalf.

At BCG Attorney Search we have written various guides for our recruiters to use when putting together application materials for our candidates. Our recruiters are trained in depth on how to write and put together the most compelling application materials on behalf of our candidates. We spend a great deal of time interviewing and getting to know our candidates and we only hire people who are extremely interested in other people.

It is not uncommon for our recruiters to write reviews and introductory materials for our candidates that exceed 10 pages in length single spaced. When you are making a lateral move, it is extremely important that your reasons for moving are clearly explained and that the law firms you are applying to see you as a person with ability and substance. These are the kinds of application materials we present on behalf of our candidates. We do this because we want to be absolutely certain that we give you every shot possible at getting a job.

Our recruiters are skilled litigators and brief writers. In fact, most of our recruiters have litigation backgrounds. We know how to put together candidate application materials in a way that is compelling and helps our candidates stick out to the maximum possible extent. Each candidate we represent is a chance to win a case. Just like some litigators brag about never having lost a case, we have some recruiters in our organization who have gone over 12 months without failing to place a single candidate. We are a company that takes your career extremely seriously.

You deserve to have your case made. Your life and career depend upon this. This is just one of the many strengths of BCG Attorney Search.

Email job alerts. Yes No Maybe

We email job alerts.

We alert our candidates daily as new jobs matching their profile and interests come up. We want you to know exactly what is going on in the market at all times.

Employs staff proofreaders to ensure that the work product is the best possible. Yes No Maybe

BCG Attorney Search employs staff proofreaders and writers to ensure that our work product is the best possible.

In addition to training our recruiters to write very well, every piece of writing that our recruiters produce on your behalf that will be seen by a law firm is proofed and reviewed by professional proofreaders. We also have professional writers reviewing and writing our work product.

We use very good people and do not cut corners. Our lead proofreader at the moment is a graduate of Stanford University. We use the very best people because we want people who understand our candidates, where they are coming from, and what is important to them.

When your application materials are done in the most professional way possible, this will reflect on you. It shows that you have good judgment about the people you hire to do work on your behalf.

For example, if you were in trouble and hired a law firm that had a bunch of typos in its work, this would not make you look good. It would look as if you hired a law firm that was cheap and did not have good people working for it. Additionally, people reading your information might think that you were making tons of typos yourself without caring.

Most recruiting firms do not take the time to proofread and professionally present your application materials. This is something that ends up reflecting negatively on you.

Your life and achievements are important and deserve to be professionally presented in a way that is meaningful and gives you the respect you deserve. It makes us sick that so few recruiters realize the value of telling a story about you and presenting it in a professional way. You are not just a meal ticket for a recruiter. You are someone with hopes and dreams who deserves the most professional presentation and treatment possible.

Application materials emailed, and faxed. Yes Unlikely Unlikely

Your application materials are emailed, mailed, and faxed.

Believe it or not, lots of people end up not getting jobs each year in the legal field because their application materials do not get into the right hands. At BCG Attorney Search we go "overboard" to ensure that our candidates are not missed by the law firms we are dealing with.

For example, most recruiters simply email your resume with a one- or two-line introduction for a law firm to read when they receive it. At BCG Attorney Search we make a huge deal out of this. We make sure that the law firms see your resume at all costs. Using a very sophisticated program that our programming team spent months developing, we create a beautiful and colorful PDF presentation that we send out to law firms. We then mail your application materials on expensive stationery and in beautiful envelopes, and make sure that we fax it as well.

The reason we take so many precautions is that we do not want your resume and application materials to be forgotten. We do everything within our power to get your materials in front of the law firm so they see you. An email can be deleted, a letter may not be delivered, and a fax may not go through. This is why we take so many precautions. We do not take any chances with the careers of our candidates.

Bribes candidates to take jobs. No Maybe Maybe

We don't bribe candidates to take up jobs.

At BCG Attorney Search we do not bribe candidates to take jobs and we will not offer a kickback to a candidate for taking a job. Working with a recruiting firm that offers kickbacks is one of the most harmful things you could do for your career. Notwithstanding, we can understand both points of view in terms of why people would want to get kickbacks from recruiters and why recruiters would offer them.

You should understand that there are recruiting firms and other businesses that do this and also candidates who take these kickbacks. You should be aware of some of the ultimate penalties which follow the meager benefits to your career that result from taking kickbacks from recruiters.

We can understand why a candidate would want to use a recruiting firm that gives him or her $10,000 when they place them. That's a lot of money anywhere. It would be a lot of money to us. When you get $10,000 it's almost like a justification for moving. It's a bonus of sorts from the firm that is hiring you. It makes you feel important. So we understand why people would want to work with a recruiting firm that does that.

Likewise, we understand why recruiting firms would want to offer these deals. They are a great way to drum up business, especially if you advertise it. You can advertise that you pay money to people when they are placed. That's something that will certainly draw in lots and lots of candidates. People are attracted to money—even if the prospect of taking that money means they are taking a huge risk.

There are essentially two issues with taking kickbacks from recruiters who place you. One of them is a business issue. The other one is an ethical issue.

The first thing is from a business standpoint. We think our money is better spent on doing things that will open the best doors for you.

We do costly research. We have programmers. We have large databases of law firm openings. We have researchers monitoring firm openings. We have proofreaders editing letters from us making sure we are making a good impression on our clients. We go to conferences. We hold meetings with each other to talk about the legal recruiting industry. We entertain law firms consistently and on an ongoing basis. We have managers who are overseeing the process. We provide law reviews. We screen recruiters.

Thousands of things need to be done to run a solid recruiting firm that endures. The issue is that running a recruiting firm that endures takes a lot more than a small amount of money. It takes a lot of money. It takes a lot of money to subscribe to all the legal publications and to make sure we are on top of the jobs that are advertised there and on top of the news that is happening with law firms. That is the significant thing when you are working with a recruiting firm; all the work that is done behind the scenes.

If a recruiting firm takes a $40,000 placement fee, and out of that placement fee $10,000 goes to the candidate, then that doesn't leave the recruiting firm with a lot of money to pay its recruiters. More importantly, it hardly leaves any profit margin if the firm is operating itself effectively. If it's a fly-by-night operation or an operation that is not emphasizing those things then it doesn't matter.

So that is something for you to think about when you are using a recruiting firm that is paying you a kickback—the money to run the firm is coming from you. You are paying for the work that normally would be done by not having the work done—you are sacrificing something. Every candidate wants to know what is in the market. There are small firms that pay huge salaries and there are big firms that pay even more. But you need access to every single one of them, and that's extremely important. Being on top of that information is extremely important. All of this is what makes a solid recruiting firm. That's why our firm has made thousands and thousands of placements. The reason why it endures as an institution is because the work that we do is very, very good.

The average placement fee that a recruiter charges is 25% of your annual salary. However, in some cases law firms that are not as selective with candidates will negotiate this fee downward. If the law firm negotiates enough, and if the recruiting firm is offering you a $10,000 kickback, there may be nothing left at the end of the day (or hardly anything left) for the placement firm. This means, essentially, that the firm offering you a kickback will not be able to get you a job at the firm because there will not be enough money involved.

There is another point we'd like to bring to your attention. When you are taking these kickbacks from firms, think about the fact that the law firm that is getting a resume from a placement firm that does that knows that if they hire you they are essentially giving you a kickback in order to hire you. That raises serious ethical concerns.

We are in the legal profession. The legal profession is very staid. Hence, you have to understand that when a firm gets a resume from a recruiter that is giving a kickback to you, that makes a lot of them very, very uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that they may not be willing to hire you or even interview you.

Think about the fact that when you are going to work in a new firm or trying to get an interview, you may have a harder time getting one if you are working with a recruiter that doesn't necessarily have the resources to go out and spend time with that firm, or who is paying you a portion of the placement fee.

On the BCG Attorney Search website, we have hundreds if not thousands of law firms that we have hired our candidates. These placement numbers are what they are for a reason. The placement numbers are as high as they are because we go out and do a lot of work; we develop relationships. When a firm is seeing our candidates, they are seeing someone whom we introduce, and they trust us because we are reputed in our field.

Frankly, I don't care how good the market is; even if the market is on fire, you are still not going to get a lot of interviews in places you should or could. If the market is poor, that is going to hurt you even more. Many of the best attorneys out there may want to work at one or two firms. If those one or two firms aren't going to employ you because they view what you are doing as an ethical problem, you have a serious concern on your hands.

There is another issue that we need to bring up that is very important: when you take these kickbacks from recruiters, you are putting yourself in a situation where you'll go into a firm and your employers may think, "Well, this is the sort of person who will leave for a little bit of money." Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money. Don't think that it isn't, and don't believe that firms don't think it is. That raises serious concerns, too. It raises concerns about your loyalty. It raises concerns about your judgment. These kinds of loyalty concerns are ones that can inhibit your career growth. If you can be prodded away for $10,000, that is a major concern. In short, they will not trust you.

So in summary, we do not believe it is a good idea for anyone to take kickbacks from recruiters, especially recruiters who go out there and advertise the fact that they are doing it. You are short-changing yourself. You are probably going to get interviews with fewer firms than you possibly could because a lot of firms will think you are unethical and won't interview or hire you.

You have a career that is potentially worth millions and millions over the course of your life. Maybe even tens of millions if you do it right. All these things raise major concerns about using a recruiter that takes and gives kickbacks.

We urge you to use your head and think about these things. It's not in your best interest to receive kickbacks. Why would you risk a career that is potentially worth tens of millions of dollars for a short blip on the radar of 10, or five, or however many thousands it is? Don't make that mistake. You could end up crippling your career forever.

Focuses only on law firm placement so as not to dilute recruiting effectiveness. Yes No No

We focus only on law firm placement so as not to dilute our recruiting effectiveness.

At BCG Attorney Search all we do are law firm placements. We do not make placements in corporations. We do not place contract attorneys. We only place exceptional attorneys inside of law firms.

Look around and you will find placement firms that do many things. They will typically do any sort of placement they can—law firm placements and corporate placements are all fair game.

What this does, in our opinion, is vastly dilute the effectiveness of the recruiting firm and the recruiter. Our recruiters are segregated into geographic areas where they only deal with law firms inside their region. Just keeping up with the hiring needs of law firms in a given region is a massive, massive task. We cannot imagine trying to throw corporations into the mix because this would lessen the effectiveness of our recruiters in the legal core arena.

We are happy to refer a candidate to a competing firm if they want to go in-house. We exist for people interested in working in law firms and nothing more. We can and will get you the best law firm position possible.

Recruiters compensated not just for placements but on your assessment of them after placement. Yes Maybe Maybe

Our recruiters are compensated not just for placements but for your assessment of them after the placement.

When you work with a BCG Attorney Search recruiter they are compensated based on more than just the placement fee they receive if you are placed. Our recruiters are also extensively evaluated semi-annually on their effectiveness in working with their candidates. After being placed you will be interviewed by a manager who will go over the recruiter's performance with you. The recruiter is then partially compensated every six months based on your personal evaluation of how he or she was with you.

Why do we do this at BCG Attorney Search? We do this because we want you to have a say in how the recruiter is compensated. Every action our recruiter takes needs to be evaluated and judged by you. Our approach is extremely unusual and it is something that seriously differentiates us from our competition. It is also an approach that makes our recruiters consistently better at what they do.

Willing to send you to firms that do not pay placement fees so you will get a job. Yes No No

We are willing to send you to firms that do not pay placement fees.

Our primary goal is to serve our clients. Money is not the end of our efforts. Rather, your successful placement in a firm that is best suited to you and your specific skills is our aim. We guarantee placement to all candidates we agree to represent and in the event that we are unsuccessful we offer $2,500-worth of Legal Authority services to that same end. If money were our sole motivator, we would not make such an offer.

We have developed a reputation as one of the best, if not the best, legal recruiting firms in the nation not by making money paramount, but by making job placement and customer satisfaction our primary focus. Relying solely on openings at firms offering placement fees not only harms our reputation but, more importantly, it limits the amount of job placement opportunities we can offer a candidate.

At BCG we believe—and our success in placement of our candidates proves it—that the more options that are available, the more likely we will be able to help you and prospective employers find the right fit. In short, greater opportunity spells greater satisfaction for all involved.

Completely honest assessment of whether you would be benefited from working with a recruiter. Yes No Maybe

We will give you a completely honest assessment of whether you will be benefited from working with a recruiter.

In some cases, even if you went to a top 10 law school and are coming from a major American law firm, it is not in your best interest to work with a recruiter. The legal market is very fluid and practice areas and different geographic areas can rapidly fall out of favor.

Legal recruiting works by the law of supply and demand. Since law firms pay fees to recruiters for the people that they hire—as well as take on the liability of your salary—they really are only interested in paying recruiter fees when a certain type of attorney is very hard to find and/or extremely in demand in the marketplace.

At BCG Attorney Search we tell outstanding attorneys daily that they should not be working with us. Our goal is to get you a job and help you with your career.

Requires that recruiters stay active in the legal community by writing articles and making other contributions on an ongoing basis. Yes Maybe Maybe

Our recruiters stay active in the legal community by writing articles and making other contributions.

Unlike any other legal recruiting firm we know of, our recruiters are required to write articles and make other contributions on an ongoing basis. The reason for this is that we want our recruiters to share their knowledge with the world and develop a unique slant on what they are doing. We want them to constantly have their ear to the ground and learn about new things.

In addition, our recruiters are contributors to the legal world and not just takers. This is an incredibly important thing. We make sure their minds are focused on sharing information and providing value outside of themselves. These are the sorts of people we want on our team.

When you deal with a recruiter from BCG Attorney Search you are dealing with someone who has thought a lot about this industry and treats it as a profession. Our recruiters know about contributing and how to express what is going on inside the market.

We have only on a few occasions ever hired a legal recruiter from another recruiting firm. Other recruiting firms tend to be very short-sighted and only focused on the immediate gratification of getting paid for a placement. At BCG Attorney Search we view our role as being part of the larger world and contributors to everything happening in the legal community.

Recruiters have all practiced law or worked in a recruiting capacity in large law firms. Yes Maybe Maybe

All recruiters have practiced law or worked in a recruiting capacity in major law firms.

All of the BCG Attorney Search recruiters have practiced law or worked in a recruiting capacity in major American law firms. What this means is that our recruiters understand exactly where you are coming from when looking for a job. They can identify with you and understand your concerns. You need to be understood in your job search.

Working with people who understand you allows them to identify with you. In many cases our recruiters put themselves right in your shoes, and when they are trying to get you a job they are also vicariously getting themselves a job. When people have been through similar experiences, there is a real bond that occurs.

The recruiters at BCG Attorney Search and their candidates are different. Our recruiters frequently become very attached to their candidates. Our CEO actually married one of his candidates and the two are still married today. The bond that BCG Attorney Search recruiters have with their candidates is often very profound. A party at the home of a BCG Attorney Search recruiter typically includes many past candidates and even hiring personnel from law firms. We are a company that loves our work and the community of people we work with.

They are some of our closest friends. Many lifetime bonds have been formed at BCG Attorney Search—the company changes lives and brings people together in so many ways.

Hires less than one of every 250 applicants for recruiter positions. Yes No No

We hire less than one of every 250 applicants for recruiter positions.

Our hiring processes for our recruiters are of an extremely selective nature. In order to guarantee the best possible service and work product for our customers, we cannot afford to hire anyone but the best for our recruiter positions. Not only do the majority of our recruiters hail from major law firms, but they all also have that special personality that makes them excellent recruiters—they are all highly personable and are effective networkers.

We hire recruiters who are equals of our clients. And as you know—if you are familiar with the clientele we serve—that is a high bar to meet. Out of every 100 applications we receive for a recruiter position, about one will result in an interview. Out of those chosen for an interview, perhaps one out of 25 or 30 will receive serious consideration for a potential job offer. To maintain the level of excellence in our work product necessary to effectively represent you, excellence is essential in our recruiters.

Recruiters regularly featured in national media. Yes Maybe Maybe

Our recruiters are regularly featured in the national media.

BCG recruiters are at the top of their game. They are regularly featured in the national media because, as a general rule, they are highly respected members of the legal community. All recruiters are required to remain active in the legal community and keep abreast of current legal trends and issues. Furthermore, they also actively participate in and write about the areas of their legal expertise. Our recruiters are all experts in their own right, and consequently are often contacted by members of the press for their commentary.

The best part about the attention our "super-star" recruiters attract through their work, both here at BCG and elsewhere in the legal field, is that it can be used as a tool to promote our company, and in turn those candidates we choose to represent. Our good reputation is passed on to you. When firms view BCG in a positive light they do the same for you.

Demanding training required of all recruiters. Yes No No

Demanding training is required of all of our recruiters.

At most legal recruiting firms, the average recruiter is trained by a copy of Martindale and is told to get busy calling. At BCG Attorney Search, legal recruiting is considered an art form and something that recruiters learn and keep improving on for the rest of their lives.

Our recruiters are individually trained for weeks when they first start on the job. All new recruiters are required to travel to our offices in Pasadena, CA, for individual training before they ever speak with a single candidate. In addition, we have over 100 hours of video training materials which consist of footage from previous conferences that our recruiters watch. Our recruiters learn our core values and also learn from other recruiters and our CEO, Harrison Barnes, when they start with the job.

In addition to our annual conferences, our recruiters also attend other conferences, such as the Annual National Association of Law Placement conference and the American Association of Law Schools conference. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however.

Our recruiters are trained and evaluated on a weekly basis. Twice a week, our recruiters participate in telephonic and online training sessions as a group where they exchange information on the most effective methods for making placements. In addition, our recruiters are also counseled on a one-on-one basis each week with a manager; this makes them accountable and also focuses them on continual improvement.

Our level of training, care, and attention to detail with our recruiters is something that we do so that our candidates ultimately end up benefiting. We want you to have the very best career possible and we want the recruiters you work with to be first-rate in all respects.

Mandatory recruiter coaching and evaluation every week. Yes Maybe Maybe

Our recruiters are coached and evaluated each week.

Our recruiters are coached weekly and we get to know them and who they are. We know their strengths and their weaknesses and we do our best to channel their strengths in a way that helps you. All of our recruiters undergo extensive psychological testing before we hire them so that we know exactly who they are deep down. We then coach them, take their strengths, and make them even stronger.

We also review their performance with you each week so we know and understand how our recruiters are doing with you. We review the number of firms that are considering you, angles the recruiter may be taking with your candidacy, and more. This forces our recruiters to do even better with you.

We know of no other legal recruiting firm that puts so much effort into coaching its recruiters and evaluating them the way we do. This means, however, that the service we ultimately provide is much better than our competitors' in many ways. When we can get our recruiters to address weaknesses in how they are working with you, it ultimately helps you.

Recruiters are required to give presentations to other firm recruiters every few weeks. Yes No No

Our recruiters give presentations to other firm recruiters every few weeks.

Weekly, one of our recruiters will give a presentation on various issues. An example of an issue may be working with biotech patent attorneys. The point of this is to formalize weekly training on issues relevant to making placements. This formal training is something that continually makes our recruiters stronger and stronger and ensures that they understand the dynamics of the legal market.

In addition, it forces our recruiters to be leaders who can consolidate information and present it to others. We are constantly learning and constantly growing.

Recruiters are required to participate in two 60-90 minute roundtables with other recruiters each week to exchange information. Yes No No

Our recruiters participate in roundtables with other recruiters each week to exchange information.

Our recruiters are required to participate in two 60- to 90-minute roundtables with other recruiters each week to exchange information. This requirement allows all involved to further develop their skills as recruiters. Suggestions on more effective practices can be heard and solutions to recurrent problems can be proposed.

Not only do these roundtables solidify the training received by newer recruiters, but even for the seasoned recruiter there are enormous benefits to be gained from these sessions—new trends and events within the legal field and law firms are discussed and constantly updated. All the participants make presentations regarding current events.

But of greater importance, the feeling of belonging to a team is encouraged at these sessions. When all the recruiters feel as though they are working towards a unified goal—getting you a job—production is likely to increase. We want our recruiters as motivated as possible so that they can most effectively advocate for you.

Recruiters are required to meet with a certain number of law firms annually. Yes Maybe No

Our recruiters meet with a certain number of law firms annually.

It is mandated that our recruiters meet with a certain number of law firms annually. Our recruiters and all of us here at BCG pride ourselves on our numerous contacts within the nation's top law firms. Unlike other recruiting firms, we do not rely on cold-calling to make connections inside law firms. Instead, we have opted for a personal approach and have encouraged the development of personal relationships between our recruiters and individuals at such firms.

We go to such extraordinary lengths to maintain personal contacts because we want to assure our clients that if there is a suitable law firm opening, we will know about it. We work to ensure that we are the first to be notified of openings so that we can provide you with as many opportunities as possible.

Accepts only the best from recruiters. Yes Maybe Maybe

We accept only the best from our recruiters.

Unlike many recruitment firms, BCG accepts only the best from its recruiters. Not only do we have a very selective hiring process, but our recruiters are held accountable for their job performance throughout their careers here at BCG. For you, the candidate, that results in an unparalleled level of effective and individual attention.

Out of every 100-plus applicants for a recruiter position, one interview will be extended. And out of those interviewed, only about one out of every 25 or 30 is ever seriously considered for a job offer. The logic behind this selective process is that when you are dealing with a BCG recruiter, you are dealing with an equal. Our recruiters, with few exceptions, are attorneys themselves. In fact, most worked at major law firms prior to coming to BCG. Those who are not attorneys worked as recruiters at major law firms for long periods of time before joining BCG. The caliber of our recruiters is remarkable. They are at the top of the legal community and consequently are often in the media spotlight—just another detail that has created a great reputation for BCG within the legal community. In addition to such qualifications, our recruiters must possess one other quality. They must possess the people skills necessary to advocate for you—to build and maintain contacts.

Our recruiters deliver the best work product to our clients through hard work and by nurturing personal relationships with both law firms and individual candidates. Because our offices operate within the specific geographic area in which they are located, individual relationships with local firms can be developed and effectively used to assist in job placements for our candidates. And speaking of placements, it should be noted that our recruiters do not receive compensation based solely on their ability to successfully place a candidate. You have a voice here. Your level of satisfaction plays a role in determining our recruiters' compensation.