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A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

When you look at a football team, there are all sorts of different types of players on the field. There are 375-pound linemen, quarterbacks, kickers, running backs, and more. Everyone has a specific role to play. The lineman is there to block, the quarterback to throw and run the ball; they each are endowed with various skills that make up the team.
  • If the quarterback decided they suddenly wanted to be a defensive tackle (blocker) because they admired the position and did not want to have to throw the ball anymore, it would be a disaster. They would be too small and would get run over – and probably seriously injured.
  • Similarly, if the defensive tackle suddenly started to admire all the glory that the quarterback received and wanted to throw and run the ball, that would be a disaster as well. The defensive tackle would likely be too big, slow, and uncoordinated to do that.

You too are endowed with a certain set of skills that make you special and unique. You’ve come this far and although I do not know you, I know that the odds are very good that you are incredibly special, unique, and one of a kind because everyone is – especially people motivated enough to do well in college, go to law school, and who read articles like this in their quest for self-improvement. Your uniqueness may be your