Harrison Barnes offers a variety of professional services to law firms.

These services include the Law Firm Recruitment, Positioning, and Cultural Review, which involves in-depth study of law firms. The study includes a personalized report that is approximately 35 to 50 pages in length, and are conducted over the course of a month or longer. Harrison conducts numerous interviews with partners, associates, staff, clients, and others to prepare these reports. The cost of the personalized reports starts at $125,000.

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Positioning, and Cultural Review.

Also, Harrison offers a Positioning and Recruitment Statement creation, which involves speaking with your attorneys and leadership and coming up with a statement that discusses your firm’s strongest selling points. The cost of this report is $25,000.

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>Additionally, Harrison also offers Lunch and Learns, which are valuable presentations for attorneys, summer associates, recruitment, and human resources staff, and partners. These presentations are typically 30-60 minutes in length, followed by up to an hour of question-and-answer sessions. The cost for the Lunch and Learn sessions is $7,500.

Harrison also conducts Retention/At-Risk Attorney Meetings where he meets confidentially with individual attorneys, or groups of attorneys, to discuss the dangers of leaving firms and the benefits of staying. The cost for a 45-minute meeting is $2,500. These meetings can also be conducted as "lunch and learns" over two hours for a fee of $7,500.

Additionally, Harrison provides consulting services to law firms on various topics related to hiring, advancement, branding, and retention. He also offers in-person training for human resources personnel on how to screen and find attorneys who are most likely to stay. These consulting services are sold in one-hour blocks for $2,500 per hour; $7,000 for 3 hours; $12,500 for 6-hour day.

Sample Topics for Lunch and Learns for Attorneys:

Sample Topics for Lunch and Learns for Human Resources Departments:

Sample Topics for Lunch and Learns for Law Firm Partners:

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