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Understanding the Pros and Cons of Different Law Firm Types: Finding the Right Fit for ....

This article discusses the importance of selecting the right law firm when planning a legal career. It examines the differences between big, boutique, and fast-growing law firms, outlining the pros and cons of each. It also looks at how Meg Whitman's and Marissa Mayer's respective careers have been ....

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2023 State of The Legal Market Report

This report examines the state of the American lateral law firm market in 2023. It reviews key trends and provides analysis of the current landscape across various aspects, including hiring activity, compensation, bonuses and benefits, relocation packages, and more. It is intended to provide insight....

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The BCG Attorney Search Law Firm Layoff Tracker

Summary The BCG Attorney Search Law Firm Layoff Tracker is a tool that tracks and updates information on law firm layoffs in the United States. The tracker provides a comprehensive list of firms that have implemented layoffs, furloughs, and other cost-cutting measures in response to the economic do....

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What is Legal Knowledge Management and What Does It Mean for Law Firms?

Law firms have been using knowledge management (KM) for many years, but the term “legal knowledge management” is a more recent addition to the lexicon. So, what is legal knowledge management, and what does it mean for law firms? This article will explore those questions and provide insights into....

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Making Your Law Firm the Best Place to Work: Attract and Retain the Best Candidates

As a law firm, you know that attracting top talent is essential to your success. But what can you do to make your law firm the best place to work? Here are some tips to help you attract the best candidates and create a perfect work-life balance for your attorneys. Follow these tips, and you’ll be ....

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