Code of Conduct, Commitment to Law Firm Clients & Attorney Clients –

Code of Conduct

Our Commitment to Our Law Firm Clients

In working with law firms, we hold ourselves to the following standards of conduct:


  • We are committed to learning about your practice, culture, professional staff, and unique selling points.
  • We will submit candidates only when we believe that they would be of interest to you and/or your practice.
  • We will honor your submission requirements and procedures.


  • We thoroughly interview all of our candidates and, when practicable, meet with them.
  • We will make every effort to ensure that you have all the information you need to make your hiring decision.


  • We ask all of our candidates where they have been submitted previously and will never submit an attorney to your firm if we learn that you have received the attorney's resume in the previous six months.
  • We will provide you with timely feedback from any attorney you interview.


  • We understand that confidential information about your firm will be shared with us. Accordingly, we will honor your requests to keep information confidential.
  • We will not disclose your firm's name in connection with job listings unless we believe a particular candidate would be a good fit.


  • For every candidate we present, we will provide you with a professionally written candidate profile that explains (1) the candidate's education, (2) the candidate's relevant experience for your practice, (3) the candidate's reasons for considering a position at your firm, (4) personal information to enhance your understanding of the candidate as an individual, and (5) other relevant information that may not be included in the resume.
  • We return all emails and phone calls within one business day.
  • We will use our global resources to attract as many qualified candidates as possible for your firm's needs.
  • We promise to provide you with up-to-date information about the legal marketplace, including weekly news updates. At your request, we will also include news about your firm.
  • Once we have placed a candidate with one of your offices, we will not solicit lawyers—from the particular office in the city in which the placement was made—for the purpose of taking them out of your firm. This prohibition will last for at least one year from the candidate's start date.
  • We will never solicit a placed candidate while such candidate is employed by your firm.
  • We will never give financial incentives to a candidate to entice a candidate to join your firm.
  • As of 2008, our fee agreement guarantees each of our candidates for a period of one year (with a pro-rated refund for each of the twelve months), from the candidate's start date.

Our Commitment to Our Attorney Clients

In working with attorney clients, we hold ourselves to the following standards of conduct:


  • We will protect the confidentiality of your information throughout the process.


  • We believe that your career should be treated with the same care and diligence with which we would want our own careers to be treated.
  • Your career objectives are important to us, and we will take the time necessary to understand your individual goals.


  • We take pride in sharing our knowledge of the legal marketplace and specific firms. If we do not know something, we will strive to get you the information you need.
  • We monitor the job market on a daily basis and will bring new opportunities to your attention.


  • We will not submit your resume to any law firm unless we have received your express approval.
  • Each time we submit your resume, we will include a professionally written profile that explains (1) your education, (2) your relevant experience, (3) your reasons for considering a position at the firm, (4) personal information to enhance the firm's understanding of you as an individual, and (5) other relevant information that may not be included in your resume.
  • We will only present you to firms that either have an active opening that matches your background or we reasonably believe may want to speak with you.
  • With your permission, we may market you anonymously to prospective employers in order to create more opportunities for you.
  • We keep attorney clients informed at all stages of the recruiting process.
  • We will not mass mail your resume all over the market. Instead, we will work with you to come up with a search strategy for helping you find the best fit.


  • We respond to every inquiry. We believe that each lawyer who contacts us deserves that level of respect.
  • We will give you an honest assessment of our likelihood of finding you a new position.
  • We will make every effort to meet with you in person.
  • We will provide seamless referrals within the BCG network if you are considering multiple markets.
  • When you are considering a job offer, we will get you all of the information we can to help you make an informed decision.
  • We will not place pressure on you to accept an offer.
  • We will strive to maintain a supportive relationship with you after you start in your new position.