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When You Practice Law, Everyone Wants to See You Fail: Do Not Allow Them to Kill Your Spirit

“Death in life is a mode of existence in which one has ceased all play; there are no further striving for titles. All ....

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Why You Might be Better Off Being an Average Attorney Than Trying to Be an Exceptional One

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to Why You Might be Better Off Being an Average Attorney Than Trying to Be an Ex....

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Are You Unhappy as a Lawyer? You May Be Buying into the Wrong Narrative

When my oldest daughter was four years old, she was attending a small preschool run out of the rental house of an aging ....

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Why Attorneys and Law Students Often Have a Difficult Time Finding Law Firm Jobs

There are many factors that prohibit attorneys from obtaining the ideal roles in their career. This article highlights ....

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How to Understand Your Personality Type and What Practice Area, Type of Firm, or Practice Setting You Should be Working in

Learn how to find your ideal law firm, practice area, and more with a Personality Type assessment.....

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How to Get a Job with a Major Law Firm if You Did Not Go to a Top Law School or Are Not Working at a Top Law Firm

Many attorneys believe that the quality of their law school, or law firm, will determine the course of their legal care....

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Why Partners With Business in Law Firms Should Always Be Looking for New Firms

If you are a partner with business in a law firm you should always be looking look for greener pastures.....

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