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About BCG Attorney Search!

Since the year 2000, BCG Attorney Search has placed thousands of attorneys and started and led various businesses that are at the top of their field in servicing attorneys.

These businesses include the largest and most popular legal job site in the world, LawCrossing; the largest student loan company for law students in the world, Law School Loans; the largest outplacement business in the world for attorneys, Legal Authority; and the largest legal resume company in the world, Attorney Resume.

You should choose a leader in the legal profession to get your next job. You should choose a leader who has the same high standards for its work as you do for your own. You should choose someone who knows more than anyone about how to get attorneys jobs.

Headquartered in Pasadena, California, with offices throughout the United States, BCG Attorney Search is the premier law firm attorney placement company in the United States.

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What Makes BCG Attorney Search the Greatest Legal Recruiting Firm in the World

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Managing Director

The very foundations of BCG Attorney Search are built upon the ever-present need to constantly improve. This is evident in several aspects of how this business is run. I personally feel that BCG Attorney Search is the greatest recruiting firm in the world and ever has been. We have touched the lives of thousands of attorneys in a positive way and through our commitment and industriousness to this sector helped shape the American legal jobs landscape like no other company in existence. Read More

  • Throughout 2008 and 2009, during one of the worst legal placement markets in history, several of our recruiters increased their performance from prior years.
  • Most BCG Attorney Search recruiters have been with the company for several years and have made hundreds of placements.
  • BCG Attorney Search has made literally thousands of placements of partners and associates and also been involved in several major law firm mergers.
  • BCG Attorney Search recruiters regularly speak at major law schools and to groups such as the National Association of Law Placement.

Why Use BCG Attorney Search?

More Information about BCG Attorney Search

BCG Attorney Search is the largest legal recruiting firm in the United States dedicated exclusively to placing top associates and partners in premier law firms. BCG Attorney Search, founded by CEO Harrison Barnes in January 2000, is the first company launched by Employment Research Institute. Employment Research Institute is the world's largest affiliation of companies dedicated to helping professionals find jobs, and the parent company of some of the industry's most respected organizations. As Employment Research Institute's flagship company, BCG Attorney Search has developed a range of resources that makes it simply unrivaled by any other American legal-recruiting firm.

At BCG Attorney Search, we are exceptionally good at what we do. Each of our recruiters typically makes far more placements than recruiters at competing placement firms while working with a smaller number of select candidates. In 2007, for example, we averaged over one placement each business day nationally. Click here for a listing of recent BCG Attorney Search placements.

As Employment Research Institute's smallest, most prestigious attorney-placement company, BCG Attorney Search maintains offices throughout the United States that are staffed by approximately 20 outstanding legal recruiters. We have made "Simply the Best" our mantra. We hire the best recruiters who work to place the best candidates in the best firms. We have deliberately set the bar for our company and our candidates exceptionally high. This is how we are able to remain true to our corporate vision. We strive to maintain our standards of excellence through our rigorous, ongoing training programs for our recruiters. We expect our recruiters to bring the same level of dedication and focus to their work that the very best attorneys do, and our training and corporate resources assist them in doing so. Simply put, we demand the very best from our recruiters at all times. Legal recruiting is a serious profession, and top recruiters must represent attorneys with the same level of commitment, drive, and insight that outstanding attorneys demonstrate when representing their clients.

Given our unique approach to recruiting and placement, there are only a few instances in our entire history where we have hired an experienced recruiter; instead, most of our recruiters are "homegrown" in that they have been brought into the Employment Research Institute family of companies to learn directly from CEO and BCG Attorney Search founder Harrison Barnes through a thorough training period that lasts several months. It is our core belief that our aggressive commitment to being the best at what we do through our ongoing individual and corporate efforts exemplifies how legal recruiting should be done, and sets BCG Attorney Search apart from any of our competitors.

One of the reasons we have resisted growing to meet market demands is because we are exceptionally demanding of our recruiters. Training our recruiters takes time and requires each recruiter to strongly focus on placing attorneys at law firms. Our commitment to excellence pervades all levels of our organization.

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We Do One Thing And Do It Well

At BCG Attorney Search, we only place the best associates and partners inside top law firms. We do not do in-house attorney placements; we do not place contract attorneys; and we do not place legal secretaries or paralegals. We are extraordinarily focused on what we do and believe the results we achieve for our candidates in the law firm market are unparalleled by any legal-recruiting firm in the world.

In today's legal landscape, law firms demand that search firms respond quickly to their hiring needs, and candidates demand the most options. We have grown and prospered through the core belief that it is better to do one thing exceptionally well than to do a multitude of things adequately. We only do law firm placements, and we are highly committed and confident about the work that we do.

While the lure of making money from in-house, contract, paralegal, and other types of placements may appeal to many legal-search firms, we believe that pursuing a singular goal allows us to provide a level of service and personal attention that is unmatched by our competitors. We believe we are better at placing attorneys in law firms than any other placement firm because of this consistent focus. We truly put our effort into being the absolute best at understanding the law firm market in every region we represent, and this effort is demonstrated by our ongoing work to research and find every available job opportunity in each of our markets. We have a dedicated team of researchers that works with each recruiter to carefully study the employment demands of every market that our recruiters represent. We do this to provide superior service to the attorneys we represent, and to gain an understanding of the work cultures and hiring needs of every firm we work with so that we know why any particular firm may or may not be a good fit for each one of our candidates.

With offices in Century City, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Newport Beach and Washington, DC, we are well suited to represent attorneys in most major national markets. As a consequence, our recruiters have an excellent understanding of the law firms they are serving and consistently aim to be experts on the legal market in their respective region at all times. Additionally, our recruiters are on first-name bases with most of the hiring authorities in the law firm markets they serve. We are focused for a reason: We do one thing and do it well.

BCG Attorney Search Recruiters Are First-Rate

We firmly believe that there is no other group of recruiters that can consistently get the results we do for our candidates in the law firm market. Most BCG Attorney Search recruiters are all first-rate attorneys who have practiced with major United States law firms. All of our recruiters approach their work with a level of passion, insight, and thoroughness that we believe is unsurpassed in the legal-recruiting industry. We truly believe that we are accomplishing something for the candidates we represent. We are guided by core values that are dominated by selflessness, constant improvement, tenaciousness, and the realization that the course of each one of our candidate's lives will be affected by how well we do our jobs.

Our staff and recruiters are graduates of Harvard University, Columbia University, Georgetown University, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Chicago, the University of Southern California, Yale University, Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Texas, the University of Pennsylvania, Boston College, the University of Virginia, and other top schools. Most performed at the top of their classes in their respective institutions. Our recruiters have also worked at some of the top law firms in the United States, including Shearman & Sterling; Fulbright & Jaworski; Davis Polk & Wardwell; White & Case; Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy; Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner; Winstead, Sechrest & Minick; Dewey Ballantine; Nixon Peabody; Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver and Hedges; and others. Our recruiters include former federal court clerks, law review and journal members, and attorneys who have worked in top United States corporations and for the United States Department of Justice. As a highly intelligent group of individuals with a clear focus and a commitment to high-level achievement, we believe the results we are able to achieve for our candidates are unrivaled by any other United States recruiting firm.

Commitment To Research

We are a leader in our field in terms of research. Annually, we release our in-depth publication, The BCG Attorney Search Guide to America's Top 50 Law Schools, which is an essential reference source for most American law firms. This substantive annual publication is the product of intensive research by our researchers and recruiters. In addition, our other research-based, legal-employment partner companies, including LawCrossing, Legal Authority, and Attorney Resume, are leaders in their fields. We are proud of our partner companies and proud that we can say that no other legal-recruiting firm controls:

  1. the top legal-job board in the world,
  2. the top legal-outplacement firm in the world, and
  3. the top attorney-resume company in the world.

The unrivaled resources we have at these companies empower our recruiters by giving them cutting-edge tools that far surpass the resources that recruiters at competing firms have available. We undertake all of these efforts so that we can say without question: Our companies assist more attorneys in getting jobs than any other single group of companies in the world.

Our Work Is Consistently Praised As The Best Law Firms Have Ever Seen

We put a lot of thought into the work we do. When firms see one of our candidates, they understand that great thought has gone into our decision to represent that candidate and that the candidate meets our high standards. For leading American law firms with exceptionally high hiring standards, we may only try to place a candidate with them once or twice a year. Nevertheless, when we do present a candidate to them, the firms know that the candidate meets their high hiring standards and that we understand the firm's needs. Because of this, we believe our candidates are looked at more carefully by hiring partners and get more interviews.

Our written presentations on behalf of our candidates are also exceptional. Our cover letters that present our candidates to law firms may exceed five pages and are insightful, professional, and thorough. In addition, our work product is evaluated at every level of our company. We employ professional proofreaders to review our work product before it is sent to firms, and our recruiters routinely discuss our methods of representing candidates and meet for conferences to discuss how to continuously improve our work product and customer service.

The BCG Attorney Search Difference

Most attorneys do not give sufficient thought to planning their legal careers. Sure, when they graduate from law school, they seek out the best jobs they can get. They practice for a couple of years, then at some point probably decide to seek new jobs. Yet sometimes even after working for a few years, and possibly even after multiple job changes, these attorneys still don't know where they really want to be in their legal careers. If they do know, then they don't know how to actually get there. Because of this, countless attorneys continue to follow unfulfilling career paths, and as a result many end up leaving the practice of law completely. Many of these attorneys could have built successful and rewarding legal careers, had they only been more aware of how to plan such a career.

Legal recruiters often are valuable assets to attorneys who are trying to find fulfilling career paths. Good legal recruiters are experts in the legal market. Their clients rely on them for advice on every issue that might affect their careers. Furthermore, their clients count on them to locate not just any jobs, but jobs that are perfect fits for each client's own individual career goals.

Good legal recruiters do not merely know about the general legal market; rather, they forge close relationships with both law firms and candidates. They must grasp what each firm is looking for in potential hires, and must know about everything from firm culture to specialized practice groups. Additionally, they must identify what each candidate really is looking for in his or her career, and must know enough details about each candidate to (a) discern which employer would be the best fit for that candidate, and (b) successfully present the candidate to that particular firm. In short, good legal recruiters need to know where their clients truly want to go their legal careers, and how they can get there.

BCG Attorney Search is most successful legal-recruiting firm in the United States. The company has gotten jobs for thousands of attorneys, and the depth of its resources is unrivaled in the industry. BCG's recruiters are first-rate attorneys who have practiced with major American law firms. Additionally, BCG works only on placing attorneys in law firms, and has developed unmatched expertise regarding the unique needs of attorneys.

BCG Attorney Search Is Not Trying To Be The Biggest, Just The Best

BCG Attorney Search was built on the belief that attorneys will seek out the search firm that can best represent their interests. Candidates choose us over our competition because they know that we are focused on knowing our markets thoroughly and serving our candidates in the most effective way possible. We spend a great deal of time with each of our candidates to discuss their particular interests and qualifications, and how these mesh with the firms they are interested in. Because of this careful thought and attention to detail, we believe that we are able to make more placements than our competitors. We have built our business on valuing our relationships both with our candidates and with the firms we work with, and we continuously work to cultivate our existing relationships and to build new ones.

Because our success has been built on research and because we consider ourselves professional advocates, we expect each of our candidates to understand our approach and our role in the search process before contacting us. We are not here to convince candidates to switch firms and we do not try to sell our services. We are here to be a resource-if and when you need our services.

If you are like most attorneys, your job is your life. Getting into law school, becoming a lawyer, and staying a lawyer are difficult tasks. And switching jobs is no easy task. We realize the importance of the work we do and take our work extremely seriously. In terms of taking care of our candidates, knowing the market, and excelling at what we do, we believe that the results we are able to achieve are unparalleled.

Whether you are a client or a candidate, we invite you to contact us so that you can learn even more about what makes BCG Attorney Search such a truly different and effective legal-placement firm.

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