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Corporate Offices

BCG Attorney Search's corporate offices are located in Pasadena, California, approximately 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. In addition to our administrative offices, BCG Attorney Search maintains a warehouse and data center in Pasadena nearby.

Street and Mailing Address

BCG Attorney Search 23410 Civic Center Way #E-7 Malibu, CA 90265

BCG Attorney Search's parent company, Employment Research Institute, owns 12,900 square feet on the second floor of this building and houses its data center across the street at 202 South Lake Avenue.

This is our conference room at our 202 S Lake Ave offices.

This is our waiting room.

BCG Attorney Search's data center is located on the second floor at 202 South Lake Avenue, Unit 250 in Pasadena, California. This facility also houses one of our offices.

Interesting Facts

  • BCG Attorney Search has a code of ethics it follows that exceeds the industry standard (for example, BCG Attorney Search offers a longer refund period than other placement firms).
  • BCG Attorney Search accepts approximately ONE in every 200 of the candidates who approach it to work with.
  • BCG Attorney Search maintains professional proofreaders on staff at all times who review all application materials and written work products before it leaves the company.
  • BCG Attorney Search maintains the strictest of confidentiality and never discloses the names of the people it places or has worked with in the past.

Important Statements

  • Throughout 2008 and 2009, widely regarded as one of the worst legal placement markets in history, several of our recruiters actually increased their performance from prior years. BCG Attorney Search has a method of training recruiters and making placements that produces outstanding results for our clients.
  • We expect our recruiters to bring the same level of dedication and focus to their work that the very best attorneys do, and our training and corporate resources assist them in doing so. Simply put, we demand the very best from our recruiters at all times. Legal recruiting is a serious profession, and top recruiters must represent attorneys with the same level of commitment, drive, and insight that outstanding attorneys demonstrate when representing their clients.
  • It is our core belief that our aggressive commitment to being the best at what we do through our ongoing individual and corporate efforts exemplifies how legal recruiting should be done, and sets BCG Attorney Search apart from any of our competitors.
  • As a highly intelligent group of individuals with a clear focus and a commitment to high-level achievement, we believe the results we are able to achieve for our candidates are unrivaled by any other United States recruiting firm.

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