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is the world's largest searchable database of attorney jobs, law student jobs, paralegal jobs, legal staff and law firm jobs in the legal industry. Legal jobs are organized in LawCrossing's database according to regions and practice areas, and also according to the candidate's professional status. For both employers and candidates interested in the legal services industry, LawCrossing is the definitive one-stop shop for anything to do with jobs and legal careers.

BCG Attorney Search

is an elite legal recruiting service trusted by law firms and employers of all sizes. Most legal recruiters at BCG hail from the legal services industry and know how to deliver recruiting success to attorneys, law firms and legal departments. The personnel at BCG Attorney Search meticulously maintain the right balance of transparency, confidentiality, and care in their recruiting activities, ensuring placements at top law firms and at companies with legal departments.


is the world's largest unbiased job aggregator, with more than 300 full-time employees hunting for and tracking job openings, as soon as they appear anywhere. Besides providing an excellent searchable jobs database for general website visitors, EmploymentCrossing provides special services to premium job seekers and members to help them at every step of their job hunt and throughout the hiring process.


is one of the most powerful job sites in America and has an extremely focused and uncluttered interface. It provides access to millions of jobs and doesn't even require site registration to access these jobs. For registered members, Granted has uniquely helpful services such as Granted Premier and Granted Concierge that help talented individuals quickly find and secure the jobs they deserve. Granted.com is extremely sophisticated in its approach and equally helpful to both beginners and highly-experienced professionals in search of jobs.


When it comes to your online presence, you want to ensure that potential clients and employers alike find the right information at the right time. As the oldest attorney directory on the internet, Law.net makes it easy to manage and enhance your online reputation. With Law.net, you have the potential to dramatically increase your exposure on the internet and ensure that new leads and legal inquiries go directly to your inbox. Why do so many attorneys fail to get the work and clients they want? In today’s market, your online presence is your most important asset. If you are tired of waiting and really ready to get ahead, we are ready to start promoting your profile today.


believes in global excellence in job research and close monitoring of employer websites. With offices throughout the world manned by superbly trained professionals, Hound monitors and reports on every active job opening, 24 hours a day, every day. Hound has won many industry awards as a superior job board and is owned by Employment Research Institute, one of the world's largest career services companies.


is the website address of Employment Research Institute, an organization dedicated to the research and reporting of job openings in the United States and Asia. It is headquartered in Pasadena, California and runs numerous niche job boards. Through its work focused on supporting job seekers, it has helped thousands of individuals redefine their careers and find security and accomplishment in industries of their choice.

Legal Authority

helps law students and practicing attorneys market themselves effectively and secure the jobs they deserve. Legal Authority conducts targeted mailings, free consultations and helps its members prepare for and get multiple interviews and job offers. By making use of the different services found at Legal Authority, a law graduate or attorney can quickly reach potential employers including businesses, law firms, non-profits or government agencies and start building a real career.
Headquartered in Pasadena, California,

Attorney Resume

is the world's largest and most professional legal resume creation company. It specializes in creating resumes and cover letters that appropriately highlight the skills and potentials of each attorney and make it easy to stand out from the crowd. Since 2005, Attorney Resume has helped thousands of attorneys craft high-quality and professional resumes with the help of a dedicated staff of expert legal resume writers.


provides an insider source for finding out what is happening in law firms around the world. Attorneys, law students and other legal professionals can interact with each other on the Judged forum or browse through the different resources found on the website. Judged.com has a section dedicated entirely to law firm news, and also sports a legal job board, forum, message board and blog dedicated solely to legal professionals.