Learn why mental health in the legal industry matters in this article.

Two of my high school friends have died recently.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

One, an attorney, died when he committed suicide after getting disbarred for embezzling money from a client. Richard had been chasing success for years. He had worked at a series of law firms in Miami and a few other large cities after graduating from law school. He always wanted to be rich, successful and be someone important. At one of the last high school reunions, he had gone around telling everyone that he had developed some sort of app and sold it for hundreds of millions of dollars. This was not true, of course, but he wanted to be seen as someone very rich and important. His identity and the way he wanted to be seen in the world were about his ability to get things that most people want. He was trapped in an endless cycle of chasing status, trying to look good to others and trying to feel good about himself.