Looking at multiple legal markets increases your chances of getting a good law firm job.

For many attorneys, relocating to a different part of the country can be an incredibly effective job search strategy. While some attorneys may feel a certain loyalty to the market they are in, relocating can open up a world of new job possibilities and is often a smart business choice for many attorneys.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

In fact, when you are relocating, your odds of getting the best position for you are significantly increased—so much so that the majority of placements we make with the most prestigious law firms are for attorneys moving markets. Law firms tend to view attorneys suspiciously when they are switching firms in their own markets and lawyers often get better reception when they explore new markets.
In the course of my career as a recruiter, I have seen more careers restarted, started, and advanced by relocating markets than I can count. As this article explains, there are key reasons why relocating markets gives you ammunition in your job search. The reality is that failing to consider relocation is often a fatal career choice.