Learning to protect your confidence will allow you to succeed when other attorneys around you fail.

There is no profession that crushes human confidence more than the legal profession. An attorney’s confidence is under a consistent prolonged assault at every level of the process – from starting law school, to getting an initial job, to remaining employed as an associate, to making partner at a firm. Very few attorneys are able to practice law for their entire careers with their confidence intact.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

To cope with this prolonged attack on their confidence, many attorneys do things like:
Confident attorneys are so far and few between that I can think of only one truly confident lawyer. He works in Los Angeles. I think that someone ought to do a study about him. I honestly cannot figure him out. He is legitimately confident.

“It’s just his exterior,” someone who knows him has told me. “You just need to crack his exterior and then he is a baby underneath.”