Introducing Reverse Recruting at BCG Attorney Search

Hire and Pay Harrison Barnes and the Team from BCG Attorney Search to Find You a Job

Over the past 25 years, Harrison Barnes and BCG Attorney Search have helped tens of thousands of attorneys and law students find jobs. Through BCG Attorney Search and other companies, we have helped more attorneys find jobs than employment companies worldwide.

As an attorney, you understand the importance of information, advice, mentorship, and strategy when advancing your career. BCG Attorney Search is pleased to announce a new, unique, and highly effective service that can give you a significant advantage in your job search: Reverse Legal Recruiting. Only some people can benefit from a legal recruiter or want to use a legal recruiter, but you can benefit from Reverse Legal Recruiting.

What is Reverse Legal Recruiting?

Unlike the traditional service BCG Attorney Search offers candidates, when BCG Attorney Search "recruits in reverse," we do not get paid by law firms. Instead, they are paid by you, the job seeker. As a legal placement agency, we are trained in finding jobs for employers willing to pay for a specific type of attorney, and it's what we do full-time every day. However, law students, recent graduates, senior attorneys without business, contract attorneys, attorneys in practice settings other than law firms, and most attorneys do not meet the strict hiring criteria that law firms have when hiring through recruiters: Click here to read when and when you should not be using a legal recruiter: When Should You Use, or Not Use, a Legal Recruiter to Find a Permanent Law Firm Position as an Associate or Partner

These criteria are even stricter in recessions, slowdowns in the legal market, large markets where many attorneys are competing for the same limited number of positions, and some smaller markets where law firms do not have much work and cannot afford to pay recruiters, or many consumer-facing practice areas (trust and estates, immigration, consumer bankruptcy, personal injury), where law firms do not bring in enough money to pay legal recruiters.

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If you should not be working with a legal recruiter or would prefer not to, we can still help you. We prefer to help you as a traditional recruiter if we can, but we cannot always do so, and you may prefer searching on your own. It is up to you.

Our reverse recruiting service is designed specifically for attorneys that prefer guidance in the job search process and to do the work themselves. We understand your challenges when searching for your next opportunity and have developed a system that puts you in the driver's seat.

With BCG Attorney Search Reverse Recruiting Program, Harrison and his 200+ person team will give you over 25 years of research, over $250,000,000 in research, and more. We will actively search for opportunities that match your criteria and provide you with the contacts to apply for jobs on your behalf. There is nothing like this incredible program on the market, and it will change your legal career.

Think about it; you wouldn't expect to be an expert at flying a jet after just one or two tries, would you? The same is true for job hunting. Rather than spending months or even years learning the ins and outs of job searching, you can pay the best-known and influential expert in the legal industry to do the work for you. This knowledge can help you position yourself for the best possible success.

Option 1Standard Monthly Coaching and Mastermind with Harrison Barnes

Standard Monthly Coaching and Mastermind with Harrison Barnes


Each week at a time convenient for our group, we hold a private Zoom session open only to members. Here, we hear from all group members, and they offer each other their advice and input. We each bring different perspectives, search methods, problems, prejudices, and more. Everyone can learn from each other. We cover a different topic on these calls each week.

In these meetings, we discuss career and job search strategies. The strategy is confidential, and our members must agree not to share information with others. In each meeting, we cover career topics, and members share their experiences. The size of the group allows sharing, and your confidentiality is protected. We cover interview strategies; salary negotiations; how to apply to jobs; discuss when to stay and leave; the benefits and drawbacks of different practice settings; self-improvement; choosing a practice area; timing of applications; how to answer various interview questions; content recommendations; homework, and more. We hear from all members during each meeting who offer their experience and ideas.

These groups are limited in size, so everyone gets individual attention. We never mix people from the same employer or with overlapping employment experiences.

New and existing members receive 1x/quarter (if requested) typically at the end of calls (so other members do not have to watch if they do not want):

  • A live review of your resume and cover letter by Harrison Barnes on a weekly mastermind scheduled within thirty days of signing up.
    • If you prefer to have your resume and cover letter reviewed, prerecorded and sent to you, this can be done for an additional $750; or a live, private session (recorded for your later use) can be done for $1000. Live recordings and/or appointments will be scheduled within five business days.
We've changed thousands of lives over the past 20 years, and yours could be next.

When you use BCG Attorney Search you will get an unfair advantage because you will use the best legal placement company in the world for finding permanent law firm positions.