Introducing Reverse Recruiting at BCG Attorney Search

Hire and Pay Harrison Barnes and the Team from BCG Attorney Search to Find You a Job

Over the past 25 years, Harrison Barnes and BCG Attorney Search have helped tens of thousands of attorneys and law students find jobs. Through BCG Attorney Search and other companies, we have helped more attorneys find jobs than employment companies worldwide.

As an attorney, you understand the importance of information, advice, mentorship, and strategy when advancing your career. BCG Attorney Search is pleased to announce a new, unique, and highly effective service that can give you a significant advantage in your job search: Reverse Legal Recruiting. Only some people can benefit from a legal recruiter or want to use a legal recruiter, but you can benefit from Reverse Legal Recruiting.

What is Reverse Legal Recruiting?

In BCG Attorney Search's "reverse recruitment" model, job seekers rather than law firms pay for our services. Although our specialty lies in matching employers with specific attorney types, this approach may not be suitable for all such as law students, recent graduates, senior attorneys without business, contract attorneys, and attorneys in non-law firm settings due to stringent hiring criteria by law firms. Click here to read when and when you should not be using a legal recruiter: When Should You Use, or Not Use, a Legal Recruiter to Find a Permanent Law Firm Position as an Associate or Partner

During recessions, market slowdowns, or in highly competitive or smaller markets where law firms struggle financially, criteria for attorneys tighten. This is particularly seen in consumer-facing practice areas such as trust and estates, immigration, consumer bankruptcy, personal injury, where firms cannot afford legal recruiters.

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Even if you don't wish to work with a legal recruiter, we can assist. While we prefer the traditional recruiter role, it's not always possible, and you might prefer independent searching.

Our reverse recruiting service is tailored for attorneys who want guidance and control over their job hunt. BCG Attorney Search Reverse Recruiting Program, with Harrison's 200+ person-team, brings 25+ years of research, over $250,000,000 worth of knowledge and more. We find opportunities fitting your criteria and provide contacts for job applications. This unique program can revolutionize your legal career.

Consider this; you can't master flying a jet after a few attempts, and the same applies to job hunting. Instead of spending significant time understanding job search nuances, allow the top legal industry expert to assist you, positioning you for maximum success.

We've changed thousands of lives over the past 20 years, and yours could be next.

When you use BCG Attorney Search you will get an unfair advantage because you will use the best legal placement company in the world for finding permanent law firm positions.