• It’s a perfectly fine decision to want a higher salary and better career prospects.
  • Before leaving your current law firm, you should know what the consequences are in the law world.
  • Leaving a small firm for a larger more prestigious firm is a keen move.
  • Meanwhile, leaving a large prestigious firm for a smaller one could hurt your career.

The Top 15 Reasons Attorneys Should Leave Their Law Firm Jobs and Look for a New Job

The decision to leave any law firm can have positive or negative consequences, so it is important to evaluate it carefully. Leaving a smaller law firm to move to a larger, more prestigious one could drastically increase your salary and career prospects. On the other hand, leaving a large, prestigious law firm to join a smaller firm, or to go in-house, will make it difficult for you ever to get into a major law firm again. Whenever you make a decision to leave a law firm, you make a decision that will either take you one step closer to being successful and happy, or that will take you one step further away from the sort of career and life you are seeking.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes