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What where some of your favorite things about working with BCG and Jessica?

The wealth of knowledge of the market. There was a broad range of listings available - to be able to see on the website and take the time to look and approve firms instead of just getting a phone call asking if I had heard of a firm and what did I think. The periodic reminders that came in over the weekend were great. When there were offers on the table Jessica was very helpful about walking me through it and giving advice on how to approach certain things.

I don't think it would have been possible [without BCG]. The industry I am in is a very close knit group/small world. These are listing I probably wouldn't have found without working you guys. Even if I applied through LinkedIn I don't think it would be likely that my resume would make it to the top of the pile, or certainly wouldn't have gone as quickly.

She [Jessica] was really great! I hope I never have to work with her again, but if it comes to it I will be reaching out.

Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's?

As you got me the offer, I would say #1. As far as the quality of the experience - 2nd. There was another recruiting firm that reached out to me that had a better sense of the particular market that I was in. Jessica had a broad sense of the NY real estate market but not so much of the niche niche area that I am in.

David Rosenberg

Fordham University School of Law, Class Of 2017

Placed at Phillips Nizer LLP

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