Are You Being Ghosted by a Legal Recruiter? Why Legal Recruiters Lose interest in their Candidates

One of the more common occurrences for candidates in all markets is for them to contact (or be contacted by) legal recruiters, who initially seem interested in the candidates and submit them to law firms, but then quickly lose interest and become unreachable. This is one of the more frustrating aspects of being a candidate working with a legal recruiter. You speak with a legal recruiter, the recruiter seems enthusiastic about representing you, the recruiter submits you to some law firms, and then you never hear from the recruiter again. If you call or email the recruiter, the recruiter may be slow to respond—or worse—the recruiter may not even respond at all.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

A relationship that seemed very positive at the start suddenly has ended. The recruiter has disappeared and you are left wondering if there is something wrong with you.
  • Did the recruiter hear about your last review?
  • Does the recruiter know someone in your firm who said something bad about you?

This article is organized into two parts. First, it discusses why it is completely nonsensical for recruiters to submit you to law firms and then forget about you and ignore you. If the recruiter knows what he or she is doing, the recruiter understands that there is no business reason for doing this. Second, the article explores the reasons why this “recruiter blow off” phenomenon happens with alarming frequency.