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A Checklist and Questionnaire for Law Firms to Use When Hiring Lateral Partners

Going in for a lateral partner recruitment involves looking into a lot of details and making sure that all the mundane b....

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Basic Rules Regarding Recruitment and Compensation of Lateral Partners

Few areas have more potential for internal criticism and strife than determining the appropriate compensation level for ....

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BCG News - 11/18/08

Cadwalader partners revolt as profits fallOrrick Announces CutsUpside to Down Economy: More Lateral Partners Available....

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How Can a Partner Make a Lateral Move Without a Book of Business?

Question: What advice can you give to a senior associate or junior partner looking to make a move? I have been with my p....

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Interviewing a Law Firm: Distinctions that Make the Difference

For the World’s Largest Collection of Law Firm Interview Resources Click HereI recently asked a managing partner (who ....

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Switching Law Firms as a Career Strategy for Attorneys: When You Should and Should Not Leave Your Law Firm to Get Ahead

Is your current law firm helping or hurting the progress of your legal career? Find out how to know if leaving your fir....

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Four Fatal Mistakes Highly Qualified Attorneys Make When Choosing Law Firms

Learn the most important factors you should look at when selecting which law firm to join so you avoid making these fou....

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