• You apply and apply and apply.
  • But as that elusive law firm job goes, it’s no dice.
  • No one’s asked that you interview with them, or if you have interviewed with a firm, you haven’t been given an offer.
  • You’re not alone.

Summary: Why is it so hard to get a job in a law firm? If you have been applying for positions and have not even gotten an interview—or if you have gotten interviews but no offers—then this article is for you. It explains why law firms reject so many applicants, often even before those applicants have gotten their feet in the door. It also explains what you need to do to eventually succeed where so many others fail.

The Top 17 Reasons Law Firms Do Not Hire and Make Offers to Attorneys and Law Students: It's Not What You Think

Rejection is something that comes with being an attorney—especially in the higher paid positions. There are just more attorneys out there looking for positions than there are positions to fill. Things become even more difficult, of course, when the market is in bad shape.

The legal profession is about the least welcoming profession there is. It is so unwelcoming it can be downright bizarre—and unfair. It does not matter if an applicant is a law student, an associate, or even a partner, the legal market often will give that applicant the impression that he or she is not wanted or appreciated. The reality is that there are economic and other forces operating at all times that can destroy an attorney’s legal career and/or make it nearly impossible for that attorney to find a position.