• Wealthy and/or famous attorneys possess certain attributes that are integral to their success.
  • Strong law school grades, an excellent employment history and seeing things other attorneys do not can lead one to fame and fortune in the law firm world.
  • There are also other attributes an attorney needs to reach the top.

Summary: If you want to be wealthy or famous in your career as an attorney, you need to possess these two attributes.

How to Be a Rich and Famous Attorney: The Only Two Ways to be a Rich and Famous Attorney

One of the more consistent patterns I see in attorneys starting out in large, prestigious law firms is that they leave the practice of law within one or two years. This is not just something I see now and then. I see it daily.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

I have been reviewing hundreds of resumes a day for most of my career, and this is the exact opposite of what happens to attorneys with smaller, less prestigious firms. Most attorneys who join smaller law firms end up practicing law for their entire careers.

They are committed to being practicing attorneys: They talk to clients all day, get involved in their issues, and when they sit down to work they see a connection with the work they are doing and their clients. There is a closer human connection that motivates them, makes them feel valued, and gives them control over their careers.

In contrast, many large law firm attorneys do not even understand the role of a good attorney. They have spent years working long hours, never meeting a client. Their time has been dedicated to writing memos, and doing other sorts of “ancillary” clerical work so far removed from what “normal” attorneys do that they are “quitting” a job that is not even remotely connected to being an attorney. Moreover, because large law firm attorneys often know they are going to eventually lose their jobs, many quit before they get fired out of self-respect.