1. The Firm Has Better Applicants for the Same Position
  2. You Applied Too Late
  3. Your Law School Is Not Good Enough
  4. Your Law School Is Too Good
  5. You Look Like You Will Move
  6. Your Grades Are Not Good Enough
  7. You Look Too Entrepreneurial
  8. Your Law Firm Experience Is Not Good Enough or Appropriate
  9. Firms Do Not Like That You Are Not Working in a Law Firm
  10. You Are Currently Unemployed
  11. They Do Not Like Your Sex, Race, Sexual Orientation, Political Party, Extracurricular Activities, Or Obvious Issues You Have in Your Background
  12. You Are Too Old

Top 12 Reasons Attorneys Do Not Get Law Firm Interviews

Summary: Why don’t attorneys get law firm interviews? Find out some of the most common reasons in this article.
Top 12 Reasons Attorneys and Law Students Do Not Get Law Firm Interviews: Why Law Firms Are Not Interviewing You

One of the most common mistakes attorneys make when looking for work is to give up. This may seem like a strange way to begin an article about why attorneys get rejected from law firms, but it’s true. Attorneys give up all the time when they shouldn’t. Generally, the more places you apply and the more effectively you look, the more likely you are to get interviews and get hired.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

There are so many fish in the sea. I watched a documentary last night about men who travel to Russia to find brides because they cannot meet women they like in the United States. After sitting in a trance for an hour, watching unhealthy, broken down 60+ year old factory workers from the Midwest meet and marry extremely attractive 19-year-old girls at prearranged “mixers,” I came to the conclusion that if you look hard enough and put enough effort into anything, you can succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

As a preliminary matter, it is important to understand that every attorney is employable. An attorney can always find a better job regardless of:

  • What practice area they are in;
  • Where they went to school;
  • Where they are located in the country;
  • How old (or young) they are;
  • Whether or not they have a book of business; or
  • Whatever limitation they may believe is holding them back.