Rejection is just one of several deadly burdens attorneys face on an ongoing basis.

It is anyone’s guess why attorneys enter the legal profession. Unlike many other professions—where professionals are welcomed with open arms—the legal profession constantly rejects its members, undermines their confidence and employment prospects, plays mind games with them, and periodically fires them after only hiring them for a short while. Many never make it into this evil cesspool, some last a year or two, and some make a career out of it—if they can. This is not a game for the timid.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

I have been speaking with a lot of attorneys who have been on the ground and fought wars in the Middle East and subjected to a lot of stress: Without exception, every single one of them states that the law firm world is more stressful than working in combat conditions. Many are so stressed out they leave the profession. One former fighter pilot from my law school class concluded he could not handle it and committed suicide.