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Top Ten Reasons Many Attorneys Choose to Become Staff Attorneys Instead of Associates

Many lawyers choose to become staff attorneys instead of associates for various reasons. This article will explore the top ten reasons many attorneys choose this path. These reasons include seeking job satisfaction, having a greater work/life balance, and wanting to make a difference in the communit....

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Law Firm Lateral Transfers: A Strategy for Growth and Success

Law firms can use lateral transfers to bring in experienced attorneys with expertise and a proven track record. Law firms can ensure that the transfer is successful by considering compensation, benefits, mentorship programs, and expectations. Lateral moves offer access to different client bases, inc....

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5 Reasons Why Law Firms Need to Restructure Immediately - A Guide to Staying Competitive ....

As the legal industry evolves, law firms must adapt to the changes to remain competitive. This requires thoroughly evaluating the firm's structure, processes, and strategies. Restructuring can be a daunting task, but it is a necessary step to ensure long-term success. This article will discuss w....

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Blockchain Attorneys: What They Do and How to Become One

As blockchain technology continues to gain momentum, the demand for legal expertise in this field has skyrocketed. Blockchain attorneys specialize in the legal implications of blockchain and cryptocurrency. They help individuals and organizations navigate the complex legal landscape of this emerging....

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Different Approaches to Law Firm Recruiting: Choosing the Right One for Your Firm

SUMMARYRecruiting top talent is essential to the long-term success of law firms and must be treated as a strategic priority. Successful recruitment should involve a comprehensive plan with clear goals, processes and procedures, incentives, rewards, and financial resources commitment. It's also e....

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What to Do if You Are Fired as an Attorney from a Law Firm (or Worried You Are Going to Lose Your Job)

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to What to Do if You Are Fired as an Attorney from a Law Firm (or Worried You Are....

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The Top 10 Ways Working as an Attorney in a Law Firm Ages (and Kills You) Prematurely

All attorneys strive for success in their law firms and want more responsibility, complex work, and greater recognition....

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The Work-Life (Legal) Balance: What Lawyers Truly Need to Know About It

Why isn’t there a better work-life balance for attorneys? Blame the law firm culture.....

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Another Lawyer Suicide: How the Psychology of Being a Big Firm Lawyer Can Tear You Down

Find out why being an attorney causes many to be depressed and feel like they are never good enough.....

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How an Attorney's Ego Makes Them Unhappy Practicing Law and With their Lives

Find out why so many attorneys are unhappy and what can be done to bring happiness back into their lives.....

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How an Attorney Can Get a Reduced-Hour Position Inside of a Law Firm

Have you ever dreamed about working fewer hours in a law firm while still practicing law and making a difference? Read ....

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The Seven Deadly Burdens of Being a Law Firm Attorney: Rejected, Criticized, Never Enough, Marginalized, Lied to, Insecure, and Cast Out

Being a law firm attorney means that you will face a lot more rejection, criticism, and other negative burdens than you....

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