• In some cases law firms and blue collar unions are very much alike.
  • In fact, there are four rules that both seem to share.
  • And those rules can be tantamount to you keeping your job at your law firm.

Summary: Learn the four rules that make all law firms similar to blue collar unions and what you must do to stay employed by them.

Four Union-Like Rules Attorneys Must Observe if You Are Going to Succeed Working in a Law Firm: If You Do Not Follow These Rules You Will Fail

When I was growing up, there was a family down the street that was always fighting and having problems. The family never had any money and their power was always being turned off. When the family couldn't pay the gas bill, the kids had to come over to our house to take baths. When it came time for us to join the Boy Scouts, my mother (who was not exactly wealthy herself) purchased the uniform for the other boy my age. This family lived a hard life. The mother was uneducated, had no skills and worked in a fast food restaurant to make ends meet. The four children lived together in a bedroom and entertained themselves by looking at Sears Catalogs and dreaming of getting things they saw in there as presents.