Every attorney needs to apply to a lot of places. Here's why.

Very few attorneys understand the importance of marketing themselves to a lot of law firms when they are doing their searches.
  • Many have been counseled by bureaucrats inside of law schools, friends, legal recruiters and others (with hidden agendas) to be very careful about not sending their resume to a lot of places (more on that later).
  • Moreover, many attorneys (falsely) believe that sending their resumes to a lot of places is a mistake and something that will harm their chances of employment.
  • Finally, many attorneys believe that if they do not get interviews with firms immediately it is time to "suspend" their search and give up.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

None of these things are true. In fact, attorneys make a major, major mistake not applying to lots of employers and they make a major, major mistake giving up when they are not interviewed after initial applications. You need to throw all of your preconceptions out the window. I have seen more careers stall, underperform and not do well due to under-marketing and a lack of persistence than I can count.
Every Business Understands the Importance of Marketing Themselves to a Lot of Prospects. Attorneys Should Too.

I receive anywhere between 10 and 25 pieces of junk mail in my home mailbox each day and countless letters at work as well. Even my bills contain solicitations to buy things inside of them. Even when I purchase something online and it is delivered, there is a solicitation to buy more of something inside the box that is delivered. When go to the grocery store there are coupons and various offers printed on the receipt after I purchase something.