Attorneys face stress everyday and can easily burnout if they’re not careful.

Excessive stress is taking its toll among lawyers everywhere, especially in metropolitan areas. Unless stress is managed with the same care and sensitivity as a client's pressing problem, dire consequences can ensue.

Here are some resources about attorney stress and ways to help you handle it:
A large number of lawyers are suffering from burnout, and many are choosing to leave the profession. In today's fiercely competitive legal environment, the first step in managing stress is to recognize its causes and symptoms before burnout results.

Warning Signs of Attorney Burnout

There are three major warning signals for burnout:
  • Emotional exhaustion-feeling drained, not having anything to give even before the day begins
  • Depersonalization-feeling disconnected from other people, feeling resentful and seeing them negatively
  • Reduced sense of personal accomplishment-feeling ineffective and perceiving that results achieved are not meaningful