Question: I get mad a lot. Driving to court yesterday, a guy bumped my fender and I screamed at him in the street for 10 minutes and called him a name and made his wife and children start crying. I think the stress of practicing law is getting to me. What can I do?
Stressed Out as an Attorney? How to Deal With the Stress of Being a Lawyer

Answer: What makes one person a powder keg and another a powder puff is not well known, but as many as 14 million Americans will experience at least one period in their lives when they regularly lose control of their anger.

Do you have a problem? Ask yourself: Have you had several "big events" in the past year involving a physical altercation or destruction of property? Are your responses out of proportion to the importance of a situation? Are your outbursts unexplained by a medical condition? Are you having trouble with relationships, in or out of work, because of your temper?