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The Most Important Characteristic Attorneys Need to Succeed and Why It Is Almost Impossible for Them to Keep It

Learn why so many attorneys lose their confidence and why protecting your confidence will allow you to succeed when oth....

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The Similarities between Human Trafficking and Practicing Law: Why Control and Energy Are So Important to Your Life and Career

Learn how you can regain control of your legal career and have the career you are entitled to and deserve in this artic....

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Email: Career Opportunities and Pitfalls

Communication has changed dramatically in the workplace in the past two decades. In a span of less than 20 years, voice-....

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How to Keep Your Job in a Tight Market

The days of absolute job security are gone for the time being. Many large law firms continue to lay off associates, and....

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Meditation, Mediation, Marketing and Medication

Last year, I attended a workshop on stress management for lawyers. At the session, the presenter relayed the following a....

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The #1 Weakness That Holds Attorneys Back in Their Careers and Lives

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to The #1 Weakness That Holds Attorneys Back in Their Careers and Lives PodcastT....

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How Not to Get the Job of Your Dreams

On the hunt for a new job? When searching for a new gig, there are plenty of things you should be doing in order to max....

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