How to Not Fail, Die or Go Crazy Practicing Law: How I've Seen Attorneys Find Enjoyment and Satisfaction in the Legal Profession

The practice of law at large law firms brings many attorneys to their breaking points. Each week, I hear stories of attorneys failing, quitting the practice of law, going off the rails, and even dying. But it does not have to be that way. I have studied attorneys for years—the ones who are happy and succeed and the ones who are not happy and do not succeed—and in this article I will explain what the happy and successful ones do so you can do this too.

But first I will give you a few examples of “attorney meltdown” stories I encountered just last week...
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

On Saturday, my wife and I went out for dinner with some attorney couples I know. Before we sat down, one of the attorneys started telling me how much he hated being an attorney. He was passionate about the subject. He did not like his partners. He hated the work and could not stand it. There did not seem to be anything too abnormal about this until it came time to sit down. He stood frozen holding the back of his chair unable to sit down. He said the room was spinning and he was afraid to sit down. It was 7:00 pm and his wife took him home. He had apparently (unbeknownst to her) been drinking since 9:00 am. When he got home, he was screaming nonsense, took off his shirt, and declared he had “had it” and was leaving her. He walked down the road aimlessly for an hour before his wife found him.