Why Most Law Firm Attorneys Are Angry and Dislike Their Jobs and Lives

Several years ago, a solo practitioner from Ohio applied to work with BCG Attorney Search to help him find a job. His name was Michael Winston. He applied several times and each time I told him we could not work with him. Mr. Winston had never worked in a law firm, performed unremarkably in law school, and had been unemployed for a few years. I had nothing to sell because he had no experience.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Mr. Winston became convinced that I did no recruiting whatsoever and that my only purpose was to write about the legal market, advertise jobs and then tell people that I could not help them. He presumed I got some sick pleasure out of this and was holding him back. Why else would I not be interested in representing him?

Mr. Winston then somehow made the leap to believing that I was responsible for keeping him unemployed. He became very, very upset and set up a website that immediately attracted all sorts of followers. The followers were people I had been unable to help and who seemed to believe that I was responsible for their lack of success.